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Boutique Learning and Development Company

Price: $930,000

Annual Revenue: $574,267

Net Cash Flow: $315,468

Industry: Services

Location: New Jersey

For a potential buyer interested in a boutique learning and development business that specializes in high-quality eLearning and classroom instructional design and development, the following qualities derived from the firm’s operations and offerings would be particularly attractive:

 Award-Winning Learning Solutions: The firm is renowned for developing award-winning learning experiences, including both online and in-person training programs, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of clients across various industries, leveraging a 100% remote global team proficient in popular course authoring tools.

Custom Learning Programs: Specializes in creating custom learning programs that are engaging, interactive, and designed to meet training goals and deliver measurable results, ensuring high-quality, consistent, and impactful training solutions.

Global Expertise and Diverse Team: Boasts a diverse and talented team of instructional designers, programmers, graphic artists, and editors with a global distribution, indicating a broad range of expertise and creative capabilities.

Comprehensive Services Offering: Offers a wide range of services including needs analysis, learning design and development, performance support, and the creation of various instructional materials such as job aids, reference guides, and documentation.

Robust Project Management: Utilizes robust project management processes to ensure quality, control costs, and maintain tight scope on projects. The firm prides itself on effective communication and the ability to meet cost, schedule, and quality targets.

Versatile Industry Applications: Demonstrates a versatile portfolio with successful projects across multiple industries including automotive, education, electric vehicles, manufacturing, mental health, nonprofit, and safety. This showcases the firm’s ability to adapt and apply its models and processes to various domains.

Innovative Learning Approaches: Embraces current trends in learning, such as short, “chunked” eLearning content, interactive instructor-led online distance learning, and on-the-job training and coaching tools, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to instructional design.

Client-Centric Process: The firm’s process is highly client-centric, focusing on understanding client goals, performing thorough needs analysis, and adapting to client feedback and internal processes to deliver effective and well-developed learning products.

These qualities highlight the firm’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction in the learning and development industry, making it an attractive opportunity for potential buyers seeking to invest in a business with a strong foundation, a global reach, and a proven track record of success.

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