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Growing Civil Construction company for sale

Price: $2,897,999

Annual Revenue: $10,851,332

Net Cash Flow: $1,005,302

Industry: Construction

Location: Dallas County, Texas

The company specializes in earth retention, slope protection, and drainage outfall products for municipal, infrastructure, and drainage projects. The work is primarily in creeks and under bridges. The company is both subcontractor and contractor on their jobs. The company works as a subcontractor for heavy, highway, and utility contractors and as a general contractor for municipalities.

The company is a well-established company with long-tenured employees, well-established vendor accounts, well-established customers, and great references. The company has a solid network of professional acquaintances in the industry and region. Moving forward, the plan is to lean into the passed strengths in order to develop best-in-class growth.

North Texas is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country and will remain that way far into the future. The company plans to continue growing and developing as professionals and to take advantage of the unique market growth conditions in North Texas.


Employees: 50

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