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A Vertical Merger can reduce expenses with an acquisition of the Middle Man

Buy a business and do a vertical merger.

Save Money By Cutting Out The Middle Man And Buying A Business

When running a successful business, you are always keeping a lookout for ways to save money and increase revenue. Getting the end profit margins to increase simply by production management or relationships between businesses is a great way to do that. What if there was a way to drastically increase the value of your company while also increasing your company’s revenue? This can be done by purchasing the right business.

Benefits Of A Vertical Merger

There are many benefits to having a vertical business merger. By merging a business with yours that is vertically up or down in the industry you can save on production costs, cut out the middleman, and improve overall production.

By performing a vertical merger you can grow your business in multiple ways. Widening your market reach is a normal benefit of performing a vertical merger. The business you acquire and merge with yours has existing connections and business relationships you can sell your products to. A business acquisition has a variety of positive impacts on your business.

Vertical Merger Or Vertical Acquisition To Save On Production Costs

A vertical merger is an extremely strategic way to cut down production costs for businesses. Essentially you purchase or start a business that is part of your production chain. If you owned a construction company that installed bathrooms, you could purchase a bathtub manufacturing plant to get the bathtubs you install at their lowest cost. And of course, it also allows you to diversify your business and reduce risk by having multiple profit centers in your business.

Another example is if you own an automobile manufacturing plant it would also be beneficial to own a metal fabrication business to create some of the automobile parts. Most automotive builders do this already. Take time to consider what types of businesses you use to create your product, to get your product to customers, or ongoing services you pay for that can become part of your growing business.

Some effective mergers are as simple as bringing the marketing or maintenance in-house. Others require an investment in a merger that will make your business rise above the competition and increase your business’s overall value drastically.

How Difficult Is It To Do A Vertical Merger?

It does not have to be difficult. First, you need to be able to afford it or have the financial history to get approved for a loan to purchase a business. Second, you have to find the business you will buy. This can be a bit more difficult.

Finding The Right Business To Merge With Yours

When looking for a business to purchase, you can approach businesses you are already in partnerships with, but it is unlikely they will sell their company. First, you need to find the business for sale that matches your criteria. You want to find a successful business that will grow your business and not drag your company down.

Finding the right business broker is an important step to finding the company to merge with yours. If you look at a business broker’s company design, some take all businesses and list them for sale after paying an upfront fee. Our business structure, along with many other business brokers, is to focus on selling qualified businesses to qualified buyers. A focus on quality can give you confidence in purchasing a successful business.

Purchase A Business To Grow Yours

Purchase a company and merge it with your business to save money on production or transportation costs. Take a look at our businesses for sale to see if we have the right vertical merger or acquisition opportunity for you.

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