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Listing Agreements

Synergy Business Brokers sells companies in technology, distribution, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, services, engineering, and transportation. We focus on profitable companies with an annual net cash flow of $250,000 to $20 Million. Cash flow is your net income plus your owner's salary, benefits, and perks.

Listing Agreements

Our listing agreements have no upfront payments, and no fee is due to us unless your company is sold. We cover all of our marketing and advertising costs and are selective in taking on companies that we feel that we can sell. We provide a confidential consultation to see if you are a good candidate for us to sell your business and you think we are the right company for you.  We have two listing agreements below. Please note that we sometimes negotiate a fixed percentage fee for businesses that have over $1 Million in net income. Contact us for more information.

One Listing Agreement is for companies that have over $600,000 in annual net income.  You can view this Listing Agreement by clicking on the link and sign it electronically.

Listing Agreement Synergy Business Brokers More 600k





The other is for companies that have over $600,000 in annual net income. You can view this Listing Agreement and sign it via our website. For larger deals, we can negotiate a fee that makes sense for you and us.

Listing Agreement Synergy Business Brokers Selling a Company no upfront fee





You can select which Business Broker you have spoken with, and a copy of the Listing Agreement will be signed and returned to you by the Business Broker.

Analyze Financial Information

To provide you with a potential asking price, we will review your previous three years' tax returns and profit and loss statements, along with a current year-to-date profit and loss report. If you don't have a profit and loss report for the current year, we'll want to know where you are regarding your revenue and expenses compared to the previous year. We will also need to understand what your perks and benefits are in addition to your salary and net income. This way, we can portray your true owner's income. Most businesses decide to minimize taxes, so there may be a number of other benefits that you derive as the owner of the company.

Once we have the financial information, we'll want to understand what makes your business unique: your customers, employees, suppliers, and more. We can compare your business to what other similar companies sell for, to arrive at a possible asking price. We'll discuss this with you, and you can decide if this would meet your needs. If so, we'll move to the next phase of marketing your business.

Confidentiality Agreement

We are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your financial information. You can click below to view a copy and sign it electronically.

confidentiality agreement Synergy Business Brokers

Marketing Program

Once our Listing Agreement is signed, the Broker will begin working collaboratively with you to develop marketing documents designed to attract the right buyers. The marketing description won't have your company's name, and potential buyers will need to sign a nondisclosure agreement before giving them more details about your business. We will advertise your business on all of the major websites that potential buyers visit. But don't worry, we don't advertise the name of your business or its specific location. Buyers will need to sign a confidentiality agreement and provide us with information on their qualifications before we provide these details. You can read more about our 15 Step Sales Process designed to sell your business at the highest price to the right buyer.

Award-Winning Business Brokers

Synergy Business Brokers has won multiple regional and national awards as a top business brokerage.  You can see some of the companies that we have sold and read our 5-star Google reviews. We sell companies throughout the US and most parts of the world. Our Listing Agreement is designed to align our incentives with your goal of selling your company at the maximum price. We'll also need to find a buyer that you are comfortable with in order to get a deal done.

Confidential Consultation

If you have questions about our Listing Agreement or want a confidential consultation, please email us at, call 888-750-5950 or fill out our contact form.

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