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Best Business Brokers in America - #1 Rated for M&A

Synergy Business Brokers has been rated as the #1 Business Broker in America for Mergers and acquisitions and for selling companies in Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Technology, Distribution, Services, and Transportation. You can read more about the awards we have won.

Sell a company in the Americas with an International Business Broker

best business broker to sell a company in the americas

Synergy Business Brokers has potential buyers throughout the world. We sell companies throughout the Americas, including North America, South America, and Central America.

We can offer you many more opportunities than a local business broker based in South America or North America who may have access to buyers only in their region. When you have potential buyers from throughout the world competing for your company, it gives you a much better opportunity to maximize your sale price. It's possible that the best buyer might be from the same region as your company, but it could also be that someone from across the globe wants to expand into your area and is willing to pay a premium to do so.

We focus on selling profitable companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $100 Million, so if you have a company that fits this, we would love to talk. Our first step is an initial consultation, where we learn more about your business. Since we work on a commission-only basis, we are selective in only taking on assignments that we feel confident that we can sell, and we'll let you know if we think we are the best business brokerage for you.  For a Confidential Consultation, please fill out our online form.

Mergers & Acquisitions in North America, South America & Central America

There are many merger and acquisition opportunities within the Americas. Many North American companies acquire South American companies and vice versa. Acquiring a company in a different region allows companies to expand much more quickly. Some examples include a South American company that can acquire a company in North America and gain access to lucrative North American customers. North American companies can acquire South American companies and gain access to lower-cost, talented employees in South America that are much closer than in Asia. They can also access new markets they wouldn't have access to.

We have potential buyers for your company, whether you are located in the US, Latin America, the Caribbean, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, or anywhere in the Americas.

Valuing Businesses in the Americas

To give you an idea of a possible selling price, we'll review your last three years' tax returns and a current year-to-date profit and loss statement. We'll also collaborate with you to understand growth opportunities for the business and learn about your customers, products/services, and employees. Then, we'll compare this to what similar companies have sold for. Our commission is a percentage of the sale price, so we'll try to maximize your company's value by positioning it correctly and marketing it through many channels.

We'll develop an overview document about your business designed to attract potential buyers without providing the company's identity or exact location. We'll have buyers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and provide financial qualifications before submitting the details to them. When selling a business, you don't want your customers, employees, and competitors to know that the company is for sale. They are usually told after the sale when it can be done in a way that gives people confidence as opposed to making them nervous before a sale is completed.

Contact us today to discuss how we can sell your profitable company in the Americas.

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