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M&A Business Brokers for Companies in Japan

Sell my Japanese businessSell Your Japanese Business with Synergy Business Brokers

Are you looking for a broker to help sell your successful company in Japan? Synergy Business Brokers has the resources and experience to help you find the right buyer without charging you an upfront fee and no retainer. Our brokers are so confident in our system that we are only paid if we sell your company. Selling a business in The Land of the Rising Sun requires a strategic plan and a trusted partner. Let Synergy help you navigate the market and remove some pressure.

Japan's growing market and rich culture present a unique opportunity for business owners looking to sell their companies. Synergy gives all qualified Japanese companies free, confidential consultations with our senior brokers so that you can become more educated on our process while also understanding the value of your business in Japan. During our initial call, we must understand what makes your business successful. Do you have a variety of different types of clients? Do you have staff who allow you to have a hands-off approach? Is there a niche that will enable you to stand out amongst the rest of your competition? These attributes can affect the company's pricing and how we choose to market it.

Having the second-most developed economy in the world, Japan offers buyer prospects the ability to reach a consumer base hungry for successful companies across all industries. We understand the economy of Japan and what types of global buyers would be attracted to a business like yours. Whether your company is a Japanese manufacturing business, a Japanese fishing company, or even a Japanese tourism business, we can help you find the right buyer. We use multiple marketing strategies to cast as wide a net as possible so that we cover all the bases and get you the best offer on your Japanese business. Synergy specializes in keyword optimization and pay-per-click ad generation, giving us a substantial search engine presence. Along with our impressive Google ranking, we have generated an email list of over 37,000 potential customers looking to jump at the right opportunity. Our brokerage aims to get you multiple letters of intent and start a bidding war amongst the buyer base.

Confidential Marketing Strategies for Japanese Businesses

One of the most important parts of marketing your successful business in Japan is keeping your sensitive information confidential. Synergy has been around for over 20 years and has a process that puts your discretion first. When creating an ad, we go through several drafts with you to ensure nothing mentioned would reveal the business's identity. We don't send our confidential information memorandum out unless a prospect has signed an NDA and has been vetted by one of our senior brokers. The last thing we want is for one of your associates or your competition to find out you are selling, so we will go over everything in detail.

No matter where in Japan you are located, Synergy can help you find the right buyer. We help:

  • Find buyers for companies in Tokyo
  • Market business in Kyoto
  • Attract prospects for firms in Hiroshima
  • Find qualified buyers for business owners in Sapporo
  • Market your successful Nagoya business
  • Find buyers anywhere in Japan

We have business brokers around the world, including in EuropeAsia, Africa, and the Americas.

Contact Synergy Business Brokers

Hiring a brokerage with similar values is essential in a market known for delicately balancing tradition and innovation. Synergy has been at the cutting edge of marketing tactics for 20 years while still keeping the boutique routes that have worked for us all these years. We started as a small family firm and grew into a global brokerage that still treats its clients with respect and attention to detail. Contact us today by filling out our online form below.

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