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Business Brokers to Sell My Company in England

Best Business Brokers for Companies in England

How do I Start The Process of Selling My English Business?

Has your morning routine started to feel monotonous? Are your Sundays spent worrying about tomorrow's problems? Are you ready for a new chapter? Synergy Business Brokers can help you explore new options for your successful English business and ease you into this new stage of life. Selling your business can be challenging; let us help you find a good home for your baby.

Synergy has been in business for over 20 years, finding buyers for companies just like yours. We have built up an effective search engine presence across all major sites (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) and can give you the best shot at finding the right prospect for your business. We provide you with all our services at no fee until your business is sold. All we ask is for your time and patience. Because of this, we must ensure that your England-based company is the right fit for our buyer pool. We only list profitable companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $75 million.

Free Confidential Consultations for Businesses in England

Understanding the value of your business can be tricky, especially coming from a biased point of view like yours. Synergy can give you an objective outside perspective with no upfront fee. Our business brokers have years of experience with varying markets and understand what our buyer base is willing to pay. We don't get paid unless your business is sold, and our fee is a percentage of the sale price, so it incentivizes us to price the company for sale without leaving any money on the table.

Our valuations start with a phone call. One of our senior brokers will speak with you about the pluses and minuses of the business as well as get a sense of your overall involvement in the company. Things like a recurring varied customer base or trusted and competent employees can drive the value of a company up. However, the most crucial thing for hammering down a listing price is looking at the last three years' tax returns. Saying you are making $1 million and showing $1 million on your taxes are what buyers are looking for. One of the key steps to preparing your company for sale is transparent and easy-to-read returns. Buyers must understand the company's trajectory and what they are buying into before submitting any offers.

Business Brokers in England

Although you may feel inclined to hire a local business broker in England, this decision could limit you and your options for sale. Synergy is a globally recognized brand with brokers located worldwide and can give you the resources needed to find a buyer regardless of their location. We have an exclusive email list of over 37,000 potential buyers and a robust search engine optimization presence, which gives us the upper hand on local England business brokers. We sometimes have hundreds of buyers expressing interest in a business. Our main goal is to round up multiple offers and drive up the value of the business.

We can help you sell your company no matter where you are located in England. Synergy helps find buyers for London-based businesses, Birhmam companies, Manchester-based companies, Liverpool-based businesses, and any other city or town in the UK or Europe.

Contact Synergy Business Brokers

Hop on the phone with one of our senior brokers at (888) 750-5950 to get started on the process of selling your business in England. We sell businesses in Technology, Healthcare, Services, Wholesale/Distribution, Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation. To learn whether Synergy Business Brokers is the right choice for you, email or contact one of our European business brokers below:


Sell Successful England based Business

Camilo D'Amato at +39 351 795 4246

Cristian Tofan at +40 755 75 76 21

Juraj Vištica at +385 97 612 2583




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