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Sell Your Business in Madrid Spain

Sell Your Successful Business in MadridSell Your Successful Business in Madrid, Spain 

If you want to sell your Madrid-based company, you may ask yourself, “How do I choose the right business broker for my successful business in Madrid?” Or “How do I sell my business in Madris confidentially?”  Synergy Business Brokers is one of the most successful boutique brokerages in the global market and prioritizes confidentiality throughout every step of our process. We have buyers who are looking for successful companies in Madrid. If you are thinking about selling your business but don’t know where to start, contact one of our brokers today to get started on your journey toward a new chapter. 

We have been selling successful companies like yours since 2002 and specialize in businesses with annual revenues between $700,000 and $70 million. We sell businesses in a variety of industries, including: 

How to Sell Your Successful Madrid Business

We have a process that has made us one of the fastest-growing brokerages in the world, and we would love to use it to help you find the right buyer for your company. The first step is to get you a valuation. We offer a free, confidential phone call to all sellers who qualify. We want to nail down the right asking price for your Madrid company. The cash flow, the types of customers you have, and the skill level of your employees can all affect the listing price and the business’s ultimate value. We need then to review your last three years’ tax returns so that we have an idea of where you were and where you are trending towards financially. We do not charge up front fees or retainers, our brokers are only paid once the business is sold. 

We have a large and diverse pool of buyers, some of whom are interested in acquiring a successful business in Madrid. Synergy spends time and a lot of money on our digital marketing efforts, landing us on the first page for many keyword searches that buyers might plug into popular search engines. Aside from this, having been around for over 20 years, Synergy has compiled an email list of over 40,000 potential buyers looking for the right opportunity in Madrid. We understand that the service industry accounts for up to 86% of the City’s economy and that a lot of that is going into education, public administration and healthcare. Knowing this, we can strategically target buyers looking for a business in Spain’s capital. 

Free Business Broker Consultation

Contact us today to discuss how we can sell your profitable company in Madrid, Spain, 

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