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Sell Your Custom Coating BusinessBusiness Brokers to Sell Your Custom Powder Coating Business

Deciding to sell your successful powder coating business is a huge decision that requires determination and motivation. Don't let the reason you can't sell be because you do it alone. Have Synergy Business Brokers help you find prospects who are qualified and ready to buy. We will make sure to keep all of your sensitive information private and under wraps. We are a brokerage with multiple awards under our belt and a system that has been proven to work wonders.

Having been around for two decades, Synergy's experience blows the competition out of the water. Using pay-per-click ads and search engine optimization on websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we can cast a global net and attract buyers of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, we have a database of over 35,000 potential buyers who are interested in successful businesses like your powder coating company. Your powder coating business must fit our buyer pool, as we don't get paid until the business is sold. We only list companies with annual bottom-line earnings (Owner's salary+benifits) of $250,000 or more. Our brokers have a keen eye for identifying the value of a business. We use the last three years' tax returns to establish the company's financial trajectory. Other attributes like limited day-to-day ownership involvement, trusted and experienced staff, and recurring monthly income can influence the value of your powder coating company. If you qualify, we provide prospects with a free, confidential consultation with one of our senior brokers.

How Long Will It Take to Sell My Custom Powder Company?

Synergy's comprehensive marketing process will give your powder-coating business a good chance at being sold anywhere between six to twelve months. This window may inch outside of either side of the margin depending on the business's pricing, the owner's flexibility, and the quality of your company's positioning. We don't give out any of your financials or sensitive information unless a prospect has signed an NDA and been qualified by our team. This is so you don't have to worry about employees or your competition finding out and can focus on the sale.

No matter the type of powder you use or what type of customers you have, we can help you sell your successful custom coating business. That means no matter if you provide epoxies, polyesters, epoxy-polyester hybrid, fluoropolymers, urethanes, metallic, or nylon coating to your customers, Synergy can help you find a buyer.

Powder coating companies can be sold to companies within the industry or automotive companies looking to expand their offerings, or maybe a manufacturing business that had previously outsourced their coating. The possibilities are endless, and the right buyer could be around the corner waiting to jump on the opportunity to buy your company.

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