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Industrial Automation Business Brokers

The industrial automation industry is changing rapidly.  Many companies are growing, and the industry is expected to reach over $300 Billion in 2027.

If you would like to sell your industrial automation business, you want a business broker with experience in this industry. One that knows where the buyers and can get you the price that you deserve.

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling industrial automation companies. We're confident in our abilities and don't charge any fees unless we can sell your business at a price that you are satisfied with.

business brokers to buy or sell industrial automation company

Selling an Industrial Automation Company

There are many different types of industrial automation companies. Fortunately, we have potential buyers interested in companies, both industrial automation distributors and automation manufacturers.  These companies might supply equipment and control systems such as computer software, robots, components, and the internet of things (IoT).

Companies that are particularly desirable include those that reduce manufacturing costs, improve safety, and increase efficiency and quality. We have experience selling industrial automation suppliers that provide products from companies that include Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, Thompson, Warner, and more.

Mergers & Acquisitions for Industrial Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

There are many different potential buyers that we work with, including large manufacturing and distribution companies and private equity companies, and well-financed entrepreneurs. We will evaluate the best potential buyers for your business and confidentially solicit offers from qualified buyers.

Some industrial automation manufacturers are looking to other manufacturing companies in the sector that have products that they can sell to their existing customers and vice versa. The same goes for industrial automation distributors who can widen the products that they offer by acquiring another company with additional products and customers.

The best fit will be two companies, when combined, that are greater than the sum of their parts. Private equity firms are often looking to combine multiple companies in the industry for just this reason. It allows the two companies to grow faster than they would on their own.


If you want to discuss your options to sell your industrial automation company, please call (888) 750 750 5950 or fill out our online form and submit it today.

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