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Selling A Business – Frequently Asked Questions

sell my business in 2021

Is 2024 a good year to sell a profitable business?

By Blake Taylor / January 26, 2024

If you are contemplating selling your business in 2024, you are probably wondering whether now is a good time. 2023 was a tough climate in which to sell a business. Inflation and interest rates were the highest they have been in over 40 years. So, it was much more challenging to get a bank loan.…

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what is a business broker fee?

What are the Fees for Selling a Business?

By Blake Taylor / July 27, 2023

You have worked long and hard to build up your business, and now you are thinking of retiring. How should you go about selling your business, and what types of fees can you expect to pay? Some Mergers & Acquisitions firms and Business Brokers charge an upfront fee or a retainer fee, and some only…

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What is included in the Sale of a Business - Q & A

What is included in the Sale of a Business – Q & A

By Blake Taylor / July 19, 2022

There are many different things that can be included in the sale of a business. We’ll discuss what is typically included in the sale price so that you will know what to expect and be prepared to negotiate effectively. When buying or selling a business, many things are negotiable. When a seller is comparing two…

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best middle market business broker for selling my company

Who is the Best Middle Market Business Broker?

By Blake Taylor / July 2, 2022

Are you considering selling a middle-market company? If so, you are probably looking for the best business broker to handle the sale of your middle-market company. Before discussing who the best lower middle-market business brokers are, we need to know what the lower middle market is.  In most cases, the middle market is defined by…

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How Much Is My Business Worth?

By Blake Taylor / December 20, 2023

  Determining the worth or value of a business is a critical step in various scenarios, including buying or selling a business, securing financing, attracting investors or assessing the overall health and performance of a company. Ascertaining the true value of a business can be a complex and multifaceted task, influenced by a multitude of…

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What Happens To The Money In The Bank When I Sell My Business?

What Happens To My Business’s Money When I Sell My Company?

By Blake Taylor / July 8, 2021

Technically anything can happen to your business’s cash based on the terms of your sale agreement or sale contract. However, you probably want to know what usually happens with your business’s money when you sell it. What is typical does depend on the size of your company. If your business is selling for less than…

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How to Sell a Business Quickly

By Blake Taylor / January 12, 2024

The average business takes six to 12 months to sell. However, every year, we sell some companies in only a couple of months and others in a year or more. If you were wondering how to sell a business fast, we will examine some of the factors that lead to one business selling faster than…

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Differences Real Estate Agent vs Business Brokers

6 Differences between Business Brokers and Real Estate Agents

By Blake Taylor / July 9, 2021

1. Areas of Expertise Real Estate Agents focus on selling physical property and land. They sometimes sell businesses with the property, but it’s not their area of expertise. Business Brokers focus on selling businesses but sometimes sell the property with a business. If you are selling both your business and your property, you should get…

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How to sell your business on bizbuysell

Should you advertise your Business for Sale on BizBuySell yourself?

By Blake Taylor / July 2, 2021

BizBuySell is the largest online business for sale marketplace. We will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of advertising your business for sale on BizBuySell without a Business Broker. As one of the top Business Brokers in the Country, Synergy Business Brokers has used BizBuySell as an advertising vehicle for over 18 years. Advertising on BizBuySell…

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Can I Sell A Business With Debt?

By Blake Taylor / June 11, 2024

Can I Sell a Business With Debt? Acquiring debt is sometimes part of running a business. You need to spend money to make money. Many business owners accumulate large amounts of outstanding debt when they first start a business. As the business starts to provide a return on its investments, the debt can be paid…

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Synergy Business Brokers on the Inc 5,000 list 2022

Synergy Business Brokers is honored to be part of the prestigious Inc 5,000

By Blake Taylor / August 15, 2023

  For the 2nd year in a row, Synergy Business Broker has been recognized as an Inc. 5,000 honoree. Companies that have been on this list over the years include Microsoft, Dell, Timberland, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Under Armour, Pandora, Zillow, and more. We are proud to be recognized among the other top companies in the country…

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Reasons Business Owners sell company

10 Reasons why business owners decide to sell their company

By Blake Taylor / April 30, 2019

Typically the decision to sell a profitable company is not an easy one for a business owner. In many cases, there are several reasons why someone decides to sell. The reason to sell can make a difference in how quickly you want to sell and how long of a transition period you will provide to…

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selling a company with monthly recurring revenue

Buy or Sell a Company with Recurring Revenue

By Blake Taylor / March 3, 2020

If you are thinking of buying or selling a company, you may have heard the term: recurring revenue. But what exactly is recurring revenue? Recurring Revenue is the part of a company’s revenue that is expected to continue in the future. It is not necessarily guaranteed to continue in the future, but it’s much more…

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Best United States Business Brokers.

List of the Best Business Brokers in the United States

By Blake Taylor / May 10, 2021

There are a number of lists of the best business brokers in the United States. We’ll provide information on the different lists of business brokers and some of the criteria they use to put business brokers on their list. We’ll also discuss which business brokers’ names show up consistently on the lists of top business…

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How to handle your emotions when selling your business

How to handle your emotions when selling your business

By Blake Taylor / September 4, 2020

Emotions come into play in most things in life. However, selling your business is likely to generate more emotions than most other experiences. This is because you usually have spent a lot of time working in your company and have a lot invested financially and psychologically.  The sale of your company may represent the largest…

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how to write an effective ad to sell your business

How to write an effective ad to sell a business confidentially

By Blake Taylor / November 4, 2020

We will discuss some of the effective ways to write an ad to sell your business. If you are considering using the services of Synergy Business Brokers, it will give you an idea of our thought process. We work closely with our clients, so the more educated you are, the better off our collaboration will…

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Protecting yourself when selling your business

How to Protect Yourself When Selling Your Business

By Blake Taylor / April 2, 2022

You’ve built your company from the ground up and have successfully led it through the ups and downs over the years. Now, you’re ready to do something different, whether that’s trying a new industry, pursuing another passion, or retiring. You want to sell your business so a new owner can carry on its legacy. You…

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how long does it take to sell a company

How long does it take to sell a company?

By Blake Taylor / May 1, 2021

          How Long Does It Take To Sell A Business? Many business owners want to know how long it will take to sell their company. While no one can give you an exact amount of time, we’ll discuss some of the factors that go into the length of time it takes…

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Asset Sale vs. Stock Sale

By Blake Taylor / December 20, 2023

When it comes to buying or selling a business, one crucial decision that needs to be made is whether to structure the transaction as a stock sale or an asset sale. Each option has its advantages and implications for both the buyer and the seller. Understanding the key differences and considering various factors is essential…

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checklist for selling a business

Checklist for selling a business

By Blake Taylor / March 15, 2022

The decision to sell your business is usually one of the most important decisions you will ever make. So it helps to prepare properly for this with the right checklist to sell your business. With over 18 years of experience in selling companies, we’ll provide a checklist of 10 items to consider when selling your…

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