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How Do I Sell My Architectural Firm?

Owning a successful architectural firm can be very rewarding. But there comes a time when every architect considers selling their business. Maybe you want to retire, travel, or do other things. Whatever your reason, you probably have a number of questions regarding the process of selling your architectural business: What price can I sell my architectural practice for? What types of buyers would be best to purchase my architect company? How long does it take to sell an architectural business?  We'll provide some answers.

how do i sell my architectural firm

Synergy Business Brokers can sell your Architectural Firm

We provide a confidential consultation where we'll go over your options. Once we get some information on your firm, we can advise you about a potential asking price and see if it aligns with your expectations. If it does, we'll have you sign our listing agreement which only provides for a fee if we can sell your architectural firm.

This makes sure that our goals are aligned in getting you the best price for your architect practice. We have buyers for many different types of architectural businesses, including:

  • Residential Architects
  • Commercial Architects
  • Green/Sustainable Design Architects
  • Industrial Architects
  • Landscaping Architects
  • Interior Design
  • Conservation Architects

Potential Buyers for Architect Practices

We have relationships with many different types of buyers for Architectural Businesses, including:

  • Construction companies
  • Engineering Firms
  • Large Architectural Businesses
  • Interior Design Companies
  • Wealthy Individuals
  • Private Equity Groups

The reasons for buying an architectural firm vary depending upon the specific buyers. So getting the right match between buyer and sellers is key.  Construction companies and Engineering firms want an architectural firm that can complement the services they are providing to their current clients and sell new services to the architectural company's clients. Large Architectural firms acquire other architect companies to grow their geography and pick up valuable architect staff skill sets that they can leverage. Individual buyers are typically architects that want a firm that they can grow through their expertise and management skills. Private equity groups want to combine multiple architectural firms and increase efficiencies and marketing to grow profitability over time.

Contact us to Sell your Architectural Company

If you are ready to take the first step and contact us to get our opinion on the prospects for your architectural firm, please fill out our online form or call us at 888-750-5950. We look forward to hearing from you.

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