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How Do I Sell My Physical Therapy Business?

sell my physical therapy businessOwning a Physical Therapy Practice can be very rewarding. You get to see your patients progress over time and your employees grow in their skills. However, you may be thinking of retiring and wondering how to sell your physical therapy practice at some point.  You may have a practice that is a combination of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, and possibly Psychotherapy. You may be wondering who has experience in selling these types of businesses.  Synergy Business Brokers is a top-rated healthcare business broker.

Business Brokers with Experience selling Physical Therapy Practices

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling Physical Therapy businesses and can help you through the process. During our free, confidential consultation, we'll get to know more about your business, such as what your areas of expertise are and what your goals are. Some of our clients like to stay on for an extended period after the sale of their Physical Therapy practice, and some want to give a brief transition and then retire. Whatever your preference, we can help you achieve your goal of selling your physical therapy practice in a timely fashion at the best price. If you are a PT business owner looking to sell your practice, we are the physical therapy business brokers of choice. People that are looking to buy a business see many businesses for sale. They are looking for cash flow and revenue streams. We can help you put your business in the best light. Practice owners can continue to focus on running their business.

Maintaining Confidentiality

After an initial phone consultation, we'll review your financial information to provide you with a possible asking price. We'll discuss this with you and see if it matches your goals. Then we'll draft a document that provides an overview of your business that we'll use for advertising and marketing. But don't worry, we won't advertise the name of your business or the exact location. We'll have potential buyers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we provide these details. We'll also verify that they have the funds available.

This assures that we make the best use of your time and only introduce interested and qualified buyers so that you can stay focused on running your business. We'll have you meet with the best potential buyers to answer their questions and see if there is a good fit. If there is, the next step would be for the buyer to make an offer. Our goal is to get multiple offers so that we have the leverage to negotiate the best deal for you.

On average, it takes 1-10 weeks to introduce the first buyer and about 6-9 months from start to finish to sell the business. However, some sell more quickly. We will be with you every step of the way to keep things moving and recommend attorneys and/or banks if necessary.

Physical Therapy Mergers & Acquisitions

business broker to sell my pt practiceOur Physical Therapy Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors can guide you through the complex process of selecting the right potential buyers and negotiating terms for you. The Physical Therapy industry continues to grow, and there are many merger and acquisition opportunities. Still, you want a Healthcare M&A professional that knows the industry and who the right buyers are for a particular client. Our buyers include large Physical Therapy Clinics, national PT Practices, healthcare investor groups, Physical therapy entrepreneurs, and more.

Marketing & Potential Buyers

We have some of the highest-rated Healthcare Business Brokers in the Industry located in NYNJCTMAPATX, LA, MD, & NM. We have a Potential Buyer Database of 30,000 and sell businesses throughout the US.  To Support our Brokers, we provide a comprehensive marketing plan that uses Internet Advertising, Social Media, Email Marketing, Direct Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, and more to drive qualified potential buyers to your Therapy business.

You may have taken time to consider selling. If you are ready to take the first step in speaking with us, please fill out the form on this page or call us at (888) 750-5950.  We work with Therapy Businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million.

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