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Selling A Millworking And Wood Products Business

If you own a mill working or wood products business with an annual net income of $200,000 to $5 Million, Synergy Business Brokers will discuss your desired price and let you know if we can help you achieve it.  To allow you the best possible deal achievable, regardless of your situation, we're going to concentrate all our efforts on reaching the right buyers. With our help, selling a lumber and wood products business, even in a competitive industry, is much more comfortable.

Synergy Business Brokers has over 15 years of business selling experience. What does that mean for you? Simply put, our business objective is to get the best value for you and your lumber and wood product business.

Don't wait! Take action now so that you can sell your lumber and wood products business while it's thriving. We'll help get all necessary paperwork ready for potential buyers so that it's clean and clear. Is your business on top? If so, we'll help drive that point across to potential buyers. That way, we can use it as a selling point and provide you with a more substantial presence in the market.

About the Millwork and Wood Products Industries

Countless industries use wood and lumber. It is necessary for the building of shipping containers, floors, furniture, houses, and other products too numerous to count. Even paper uses wood pulp. "Lumber" is the official term assigned to wood used to make commercial products. Currently, in the United States, a healthy lumber economy exists.

In the panel, sawmill, and logging industries, approximately 500,000 people are employed. One of the largest consumers and producers of lumber is the United States, with production of more than 30 billion board feet annually. This is a great business to be in!

Synergy Business Brokers' M&A Solutions for the Lumber and Wood Products Industries

Those interested in selling a lumber and wood products company undoubtedly want to make sure that their business brokerage or M&A firm is experienced in the building materials industry. After all, industry experience provides many advantages when an advisory firm is used. These can include the following:

  • Understanding the sector's language
  • Experience in the writing of industry-related marketing documents
  • The ability to look at a business as it relates to the industry and emphasize the strengths of that business
  •  Relationships with buyers within the industry or industries related to it

Why Should Your Lumber and Wood Products Company Work with Synergy Business Brokers?

Frequently, a business owner may not want their competitors, customers, and employees to know that they are considering selling their lumber and wood products company. For that very reason, the name of your business will not be advertised. We'll use just enough to get people interested – a general description – but nothing that would enable them to identify your business before a confidentiality agreement was signed. Additionally, so that only financially qualified buyers are worked with, we will screen everyone.

If you have any inquiries about our services for lumber and wood products industries, feel free to schedule a confidential appointment with us.

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