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How Do I Sell My Flooring Business?

sell a flooring businessFlooring Businesses have changed over the years. The types of materials and what customers are looking for in their flooring continues to evolve.  If you are considering retiring, you may be wondering how to sell your Flooring Business.  Fortunately, Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling Flooring Businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $50 Million.

We can help to answer some of your questions such as: What price can I get for my Flooring Distributor?  How long does it take to sell a Flooring Business? What commission would I pay to sell a Flooring Distributor Business?

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling Flooring Businesses

When you contact us, one of our Senior Brokers will speak with you about your business and what your goals are. We'll get an understanding of what your product lines are, your employees, customers, and more. We'd like to find out if your flooring business is more based on carpeting, wood flooring, ceramic, marble, composite materials, etc. Also, do you distribute flooring products to retail stores, or do you also have a retail store?  In addition, do you install any of the flooring, and if so, do you have employees that install or do you use subcontractors.

To give you an idea of a possible selling price, we'll review your historical and current financial information and compare this with similar sold businesses. We'll identify what your total owner's net cash flow is, including your salary, perks, and benefits. We sell Flooring businesses with an annual owner's net cash flow of $200,000 to $4 Million.

Can I Sell My Flooring Business Online?

The internet is one of the ways in which we advertise flooring businesses. But we don't advertise the name of the company or the exact location. We'll advertise it in generic terms and have potential buyers sign a confidentiality agreement before providing the details. We'll also get information on their qualifications. This helps us to weed out the tire kickers so that we only introduce buyers that are qualified and interested. It's a process that unfolds over time.  Usually, we present the first buyer within 1-10 weeks, and it's 1 to 6 buyers that we introduce to sell a flooring business. On average, it's 6-10 months to sell a company depending on the details and how things unfold.

We also have an extensive database of 25,000 potential buyers that we contact.  Since we have sold many businesses in distribution, flooring, construction, and related types of business, the buyer could be another flooring company or construction or distribution company as well as a private investor.  We ask you to keep an open mind because sometimes the best offer could come from within the industry, and sometimes it comes from a wealthy entrepreneur or another investor outside the industry.

Our goal is to get multiple offers, and this will give us the best opportunity to negotiate the right offer for you.

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If you're in NYNJCTMA, TXMDLA, SC, PA, & NM or most parts of the US and are interested in selling a flooring business; we are here to help. Drop us a line at, fill out and submit our online form or give us a call at 888-750-5950, and we'll set up a private consultation to get started.

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