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Sell your CRM Software Company

Broker to sell my Customer Relationship Management Company

Are you trying to decide on the best way to sell your CRM software company? There are a lot of options. However, it is a complicated process, so it pays to work with someone with experience selling CRM software systems.


We have been selling software companies since 2002. Many of our Senior M&A Brokers have worked in the software industry since the 1980s. We have broad and deep relationships within the software industry. Our database of 27,000 potential buyers allows you to maximize the sale price of your CRM software company.

At the same time, we understand that confidentiality is essential, so we protect the privacy of your company during the sales process.

M&A in the CRM Software Industry

CRM Software is the largest sector within the software industry. It is expected to reach $80 Billion in revenue by 2025. A lot of companies want to capitalize on the growth in the industry by acquiring other CRM software companies. In some cases, this allows them to enter the CRM segment of the industry, and in other cases, they are acquiring an area of specialization within CRM.

Many private equity groups enter the CRM space through acquisition. In any case, Synergy Business Brokers has the relationships you need to capitalize on these potential buyers for your CRM company.

Customer Relationship Management is central to any business. There are many components within CRM systems, and there are opportunities for companies to expand their offerings through acquisition. Some of the primary elements of CRM that can be a desirable part of an acquisition include:

  • Business Broker to Sell your CRM Software CompanyCustomer Service
  • SalesForce Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Business Reporting
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Marketing Analytics



Mobile and Cloud Computing are essential components of CRM software. The ability to access customer and prospect data anywhere.  CRM Software providers that have advanced features in specific industries are ripe for acquisition by companies that want to gain access to industry-specific functionality that can allow their customers to access data from anywhere and increase their revenue.

Cloud Computing also allows for significant recurring revenue, further increasing the desirability of a company for acquisition.

Sell your CRM Software Company

If you think you might be ready to sell your CRM Software Company, Synergy Business Brokers provides a free consultation with no fee until your company is sold. We'll confidentially review the information on your company and give you our opinion on the potential value to acquirers in the marketplace.

Rest assured, we keep the sale of your CRM software company confidential during the process. We'll keep you abreast of progress during the sales process and offer our expert advice on navigating the sale. At the end of the day, though, the choice is yours. We work in collaboration with you to meet your goals.

To see what some of our customers have to say, read our reviews. We have achieved a 5-star review rating on google by providing our clients with top-level service and experienced counsel.

how to sell my CRM Software CompanyConfidential Consultation

Many of our M&A Advisors have worked in the software industry since the 1980s, so we've been around the block through all different markets and understand the industry.

For a private discussion with our Senior Brokers, please complete our online form or email


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