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Selling an Addiction Treatment Center

sell my addiction treatment facility

If you are considering whether to sell your addiction treatment center, you might have questions on getting started, such as: How do I find the right buyers for my addiction treatment center, and how do I keep the sale confidential? Synergy Business Brokers has been selling behavioral healthcare businesses for over 20 years, and we have experience selling businesses that provide treatment for people struggling with addiction. Whether you want to sell an addiction treatment center, an alcohol abuse business, a wellness center, or a drug addiction clinic, we can guide you through the process of selling your behavioral healthcare business.

Contact a Healthcare Business Broker

The first step is contacting us for a no-cost confidential consultation.  We'll find out more about your business, such as: do you have an outpatient clinic, are you only inpatient, or a combination of both? We'll also want to understand your patients' demographics and what skills your staff has, as well as whether you provide virtual counseling in addition to in-person consultations. Then, we'll review your financial information to find out what your net income is and what the trends are. After we have this information, we can give you a potential selling price. Then, you can decide if you want to proceed with the process, at which point you can sign our listing agreement. This only commits you to pay us if your business is sold. We'll receive a percentage of the sale price so that we're on the same page in getting you the most for the practice while at the same time getting you a qualified buyer that you will feel comfortable with to treat your employees and customers well.

Qualified Buyers

Before we provide information on your business, prospective buyers will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and provide us with information on their qualifications.  Profitable addiction treatment businesses always generate a lot of potential interest. It's important to narrow down the list to buyers who are the best candidates before introducing them to you. Our potential buyers include other addiction treatment centers or behavioral health clinics that want to expand through acquisition. We also have private equity groups that are building out national or regional firms through acquisitions. We also have financially qualified doctors who want to purchase successful firms. They are looking for a variety of types of treatment plans. So whether you are psychiatry-based, counseling-based, or provide alternative treatments, we can provide you with the right buyers.

We'll work through these potential buyers to find the best ones to acquire your firm. Although we have many potential buyers, they vary in terms of what types of companies they are looking to acquire depending on your firm's services, geography, and size. It's not just about these details. It's also important to have the right chemistry, and both buyer and seller will get a chance to meet to determine whether this is a good fit.

If there is interest from both parties, the buyer will usually make an offer to see whether there is a meeting of the minds on price and terms and conditions. We typically have multiple offers which provide us with leverage to get the best deal. Once an offer is agreed to, they will go through due diligence to verify the information and see if there are any company problems, such as lawsuits or other issues. They will also look into licensing transfer and negotiating the final purchase and sale agreement. We'll guide you through the process and keep things moving forward.

Synergy Business Brokers is a top-ranked Healthcare Business Broker

We sell addiction treatment businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million. If you have a profitable business that meets these criteria, we hope you contact us to discuss how we can sell your addiction treatment center.

Our team has experience selling healthcare businesses and medical businesses. We have over 40,000 potential business investors to draw on, and you don’t pay a fee until we sell your addiction treatment practice.

You can start by submitting our registration form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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