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Sell Your Alternative Healthcare Practice

Sell your alternative medicine practice

Business Brokers to Sell My Profitable Alternative Medicine Business

As you probably know, there is no one way to do something. Skill and luck play a part, but a lot of the time, solutions come from creativity and experience. Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling alternative healthcare businesses. We are a well-versed business brokerage with unique skills and methods that separate us from the rest. We are the perfect fit to sell any successful alternate medical practice.

Our business brokers have the space and freedom to handle companies with net profits ranging from $250,000 to $10 million. You don't pay us unless your alternative medicine practice is sold, so we need to know whether it will appeal to our buyer base. In order to give you a fair evaluation, we need to look at the last three years' financials (tax returns, P&Ls, etc.) to understand the company's trajectory and stability. Once we know you are a good fit and you make the decision to move forward with us, we can start compiling information and creating marketing documents.

Synergy gives you a comprehensive marketing strategy for selling your complimentary medicinal practice. This includes a confidential ad that offers enough details to attract buyers but not enough to dox you. We also compile a CIM, which gives them all the essential information of the business but which buyers don't receive until they have filled out an NDA. Remaining confidential throughout the process is as necessary for us as it is for you. Having your staff or competition find out about your intention to sell could put roadblocks up for buyers and compromise the volume of offers. It's important to have as many of these offers in your back pocket so that you can negotiate with new prospects with confidence and security. We want you to be as involved in the process as you want to be, but keeping the ball in your court is our top priority.

Is My Alternative Medical Practice Ready to Sell?

Positioning your company for sale is one of the most important things a business owner who is considering listing with us can do. Attractive qualities like a trained staff, recurring customers, and limited owner involvement will drive the value of the practice up and give you better odds at finding the right buyer. However, as long as you qualify, Synergy will help you find a buyer. We help:

  • Ayurvedic doctors sell their business.
  • Integrative physicians sell their company.
  • Osteopaths sell their practice.
  • Sell a traditional Chinese medicinal practice.
  • Sell your acupuncture practice.
  • List your music therapy practice.
  • List your aroma therapy practice.
  • Alternative Pain Management
  • Sell an alternative medicine manufacturer or distributor
  • Or any alternative medical practitioner to sell their company.

If you are considering selling your alternative medicine practice, now may be the time. This massive global industry is only expected to explode in the coming years, which means buyers will be looking for a point of entry. The complimentary and alternative medicine market is expected to reach $362.97 Billion by the year 2029 with a growth rate of 17.9%. With this expected growth, you'll be able to attract buyers of all kinds, including private equity, wealthy individuals, or existing alternative medical practitioners looking to expand their practice. Mergers and acquisitions are a lot more prominent than you think, especially in fields like yours that are expected to grow at a rapid pace. Acquisitions are the best way for small businesses to expand their portfolios and widen their reach.

Contact Synergy Business Brokers to Sell your Alternative Medical Practice

Contact us today to sell your complimentary medical practice. We have a proven, confidential, comprehensive marketing strategy, as well as past buyers who are interested in acquiring your practice. Learn more about our services and start your selling process today. Fill out our online form or call (888) 750-5950.




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