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How to Sell your Urgent Care Centers

How to sell an urgent care centerAre you thinking about selling your urgent care centers? The industry has been steadily growing, so now would be a good time.  We have plenty of potential buyers, including hospitals, large medical groups, private equity firms, public healthcare companies, and wealthy doctors and healthcare entrepreneurs. The key is to hire the right healthcare business broker to assist you in confidentially locating the right buyers and negotiating the best price and terms on your behalf.

If one potential buyer has approached you, you don't want to settle for just one offer. Synergy Business Brokers can bring multiple potential bids and leverage the competition to maximize the price of your urgent care centers.

Contact a Medical Business Broker

Synergy Business Brokers is one of the top-rated business brokers in the country. We are one of only three business brokers rated in the top 10 by 4 different independent rating organizations. We have experience selling a number of healthcare businesses and buyer interested in purchasing urgent care centers such as:

  • Walk-in medical clinics
  • Family Medical Practices
  • Emergency Healthcare offices
  • 24/7 Telemedicine Services
  • Immediate Primary Care
  • Critical Care Doctors
  • Internal Medicine clinics

Sell your Urgent Care Centers

Selling your Urgent Care center is a process that starts with a confidential consultation with a healthcare business broker. Your Broker will find out more about your urgent care center and go over your options. After reviewing some financial information, we can give you a valuation for you to determine whether you are ready to sell. If you are, we'll start the confidential marketing process. This includes contacting our 30,000 potential buyers to narrow down the list to the best possible buyers. Before giving them any information on your business, we'll require a confidentiality agreement to protect you. Read more about our 15 step process that will maximize your purchase price and get you the best potential buyer for your urgent care center.

M&A in the Urgent Care Industry

Acquiring Urgent Care Centers is an attractive option for many buyers in the Healthcare industry. Since patients don't want to wait to get urgent care, they have been growing in popularity. Long wait times for many specialists and primary care doctors increase the need for walk-in medical clinics. Immediate care offices are a good option for healthcare organizations to supplement the care of their other doctors. Many large urgent care businesses wish to acquire more immediate care centers to add to their geographic footprint and bring their brand and efficiencies to these businesses to improve patient care while increasing their bottom line. In addition, healthcare entrepreneurs and doctors often want to purchase walk-in care businesses as a good investment opportunity by adding their areas of expertise.

Healthcare Business Brokers

Synergy Business Brokers sell urgent care centers throughout most of the US. We have Business Brokers located in TX, PA, NY, MA, NJ, CT, and La. Our healthcare buyers are from every state in the country. We only get paid if we sell your urgent care center. There is no upfront monetary investment on your part.

To get started, fill out and submit this simple form online, and we’ll be in touch shortly for a confidential consultation. If you prefer, email us at or call us at 888-750-5950.

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