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Sell a Neurology or Neuropsychology Practice

sell a neurology or neuropsychology practice business brokerAre you thinking about selling your Neuropsychology or Neurology Practice? If so, you probably have a lot of questions such as:

  • How much can I sell my Neurologist Practice for?
  • What is the value of my Neuropsychology Practice?
  • Can I sell my Neurology Practice Confidentially?
  • How long does it take to sell a Neuropsychology practice?
  • Who are the best buyers for my Neurology Business?

Contact a Healthcare Business Broker

Synergy Business Brokers has been selling Medical Practices and Psychology Practices for over 15 years. We can answer your questions and walk you through the process of selling a Neuropsychology or Neurological Practice. It all starts with our confidential consultation. We'll find out more about your practice specialties and the types of clients you serve. Then we'll discuss your finances and give you a potential selling price after reviewing the details. Next, we'll begin marketing your practice confidentially. Potential buyers will need to sign a confidentiality agreement before we provide the specifics of your business.

Potential Buyers for Neurology & Neuropsychology Practices

We have a database of over 30,000 potential buyers, including Neuropsychology practices, Neurologists, large medical groups, hospitals, wealthy doctors, public healthcare companies, Mental & Behavioral Healthcare clinics, and healthcare entrepreneurs. It's all about getting the right fit between buyer and seller. First, we'll do the heavy lifting so you can continue to work with your clients and staff. Once we have someone that is both qualified and interested, then we'll make an introduction off-site or off-hours so you can privately discuss your practice and get a feel for the potential buyer to see if it makes sense for the buyer to move forward with a potential offer. We typically have multiple offers, providing us with leverage to negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf. There is no fee until your practice is sold.

Similarities & Differences between Neurologists & Neuropsychologists

Neurologists and Neuropsychologists are both concerned with diagnosing & treating disorders of the nervous system. In some cases, a patient might use both a neurologist and a neuropsychologist. In other cases, they may use only one or the other. Some potential buyers like to acquire both a neurology practice and a neuropsychology practice to offer a greater range of services to their patients and profitably grow their revenue through acquisition.  Other buyers may only be interested in acquiring only one type of firm. We'll answer the preliminary questions of buyers to see if they are the right fit for your practice.

Sell a Neurology Practice

Since Neurologists are medical doctors, they are often acquired by other Medical Groups. Still, they can also be acquired by well-financed neurologists or other doctors that want to diversify their practices. Furthermore, there are many different types of specialties within Neurology, and therefore different buyers are interested in acquiring neurology practices to add specialties such as:

  • How to sell a Neurology PracticeAging & Dementia/Alzheimer's
  • ALS & Motor Disorders
  • Child Neurology
  • Epilepsy
  • Headaches & Facial Pain
  • Movement Disorders
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Strokes

Sell a Neuropsychology Practice

Neuropsychology Practices can be purchased by other psychologists who want to expand their range of services and Neurologists, Medical Groups, Mental & Behavioral Clinics, and more. Potential buyers are often looking for Neuropsychologists that can provide Neuropsychological evaluation and treatment for

  • Broker to sell a neoropsychology practiceParkinson's, Huntington's, Alzheimer's
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
  • Concussions & Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
  • Psychiatric Disorders
  • Strokes & cerebrovascular disease
  • Speech & Language issues
  • Cognitive & Behavioral Challenges
  • ADHD
  • MS
  • Learning Disorders
  • Pediatric Neuropsychology

Sell your practice with a top-rated Healthcare Business Broker

We have many years of experience selling healthcare companies and medical businesses. Take the first step and fill out our online form.  We sell neuropsychology and neurology practices with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million.

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