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How to Sell a Pet Supply & Services Business

Are you considering whether to sell your Pet Supply or Pet Services Business? Maybe you have questions such as what is the best way to sell my pet supply manufacturing company? Or perhaps you would like to sell a pet boarding and grooming business or pet-related e-commerce company? No matter what type of Pet product or service business you own, we can help sell it for the maximum price, efficiently and confidentially. Our database of 30,000 potential buyers includes investors, pet supply businesses, private equity firms, pet services companies, and pet supply entrepreneurs.

business broker to sell my pet supply company


Pet Supply & Services Business Brokers

Synergy Business Brokers is one of the top-rated business brokers with experience selling pet supply & service businesses. Our marketing program is designed to sell your business confidentially and efficiently. We'll seek out the best buyers for your particular business, whether you are a specialized pet food manufacturer, pet toy supplier, pet medicine business, pet clothing, veterinarian, or direct-to-consumer pet brand.

The pet industry has grown to over $100 Billion a year. This creates an opportunity that pet investors want to capitalize on. There is interest in acquiring pet boarding businesses, veterinarian businesses, pet grooming companies, and more. With over 60 Million houses owning a dog and over 45 Million owning a cat, there are plenty of businesses that cater to pet owners looking for pet services and products.

However, as a pet industry business owner, you need to know how to find the right buyers and negotiate the best price and terms. That's where we come in. Our database of buyers, coupled with our internet marketing on Google, Bing, Youtube, Bizbuysell,, Facebook, and LinkedIn, are sure to generate buyers. Then we'll need to qualify them and see who the most serious buyers are for your pet business before we introduce them to you. This way, you can continue to focus on running your pet business and leave the heavy lifting to us.

We're not just Business Brokers. We're pet owners too. So we can appreciate the high-quality products and services that you provide for dogs and cats or other animals. We appreciate that as a business owner, you strive to provide the best pet care and customer services that you can. That's the way we feel about our business brokerage services. There are always issues that come up in any deal. We strive to negotiate a win-win scenario for both buyer and seller so that your business is left in good hands with someone that will care about your business as much as you do.

Business Brokers for veterinarian and petcare businesses

Mergers & Acquisitions in the Pet Industry

To compete in the Pet Industry, many businesses look to acquire multiple pet businesses to get economies of scale and brand awareness. And private equity groups often look to combine multiple pet supply stores, pet care businesses, animal hospitals, and pet manufacturing and distribution companies. Also in demand, are businesses that supply high-quality pet foods, treats, pet fencing, pet safety, and grooming supplies. Many companies within the pet industry are interested in growing through acquisitions. So a company that sells and services invisible pet fencing may be interested in acquiring companies that supply pet products and services so that they can sell more to their existing customer base and acquire customers to sell their fencing services to. In addition, e-commerce companies may be interested in acquiring pet product manufacturers so they can market their own brands online.

We have a variety of pet industry buyers, and we utilize search engine marketing and social media to advertise your business confidentially to obtain new buyers. All while keeping the sale of your pet product or service company confidential.  We require buyers to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we release the name of your business and the specifics of where it is located. You can read more about our 15 Step Sales Process.

To discuss the details of your business and how we can sell your pet supply or services business, contact us today. Please fill out our online form, and we’ll be in touch shortly, or call 888-750-5950 to get started.

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