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Sell My Promotional Products Company

Some people think that with all of the growth in internet advertising on Google & Facebook that the promotional products industry has gone down. This was true during the recession years of 2007 and 2008, but since that time, the industry has steadily grown every year. Fortunately, now is an excellent time to sell a profitable promotional products company.

sell my promotional products companyIf you are considering whether to sell your promotional products company you may have a lot of questions:

Synergy Business Brokers has sold multiple Promotional Products companies

We sell promotional products companies that have an owner's net income of $200,000 to $5 Million. We offer a confidential consultation to answer your questions and discuss your goals. There is no fee until your promotional products business is sold.

Potential Buyers for Promotional Products Companies

Our database of 25,000 potential buyers includes buyers for:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Because of the strong growth in the promotional products industry, many companies are looking to grow by acquiring another company in the industry.

  • Some Distribution companies want to acquire Manufacturing Companies and vice versa.
  • Other companies want to acquire a company that has a different range of products to provide their customers with more options.
  • Regional companies can grow by acquiring a company in a different region allowing both companies to sell their products to a wider footprint.

Synergy Business Brokers has over 16 years of experience guiding companies through the Mergers & Acquisitions process. We have handled mergers and acquisitions in manufacturing, distribution, the marketing industry, and the services industry. You can read more about how we combine the best practices of a Business Brokerage and an M&A firm.

Types of Promotional Products

Your company may manufacture, distribute, or design a wide variety of promotional products or perhaps you only focus on one type of product. We sell companies that provide promotional products such as:

Confidential sale of Promotional Products Companies

We protect the confidentiality of the sale of your business during the process. For a confidential consultation, please fill out and submit this simple form online, and we’ll be in touch shortly. If you prefer, email us at or call 888-750-5950 to get started.

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