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Sell your Water Treatment Business

Are you thinking about selling your water treatment business? If so, you probably have a lot of questions such as: What's the best way to sell my water treatment business? What price can I expect to get? How long will it take to sell my water treatment company?

Business Broker for Water Treatment Businesses

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling water treatment companies. We offer a confidential consultation with no fee until your water treatment company is sold. We'll find out more about your business and develop a customized marketing plan. We have experience selling a variety of water treatment companies. So whether you want to sell a waste water treatment services company or a water treatment products company, we can help.

Sell your Water Treatment Business

Potential Buyers for Water Treatment companies

We have potential buyers for a variety of Water Treatment companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million throughout the United States.  We have potential buyers for both Products and Services Water Treatment companies, including

  • Water Treatment Manufacturing Companies
  • Water Treatment Products Distributors
  • Water Treatment Services
  • Water Testing & Sampling
  • Chlorination & Disinfection
  • Chemical Feed Equipment
  • Waste Water Treatment Services
  • Filters & Feeders
  • Chemical Electrolysis
  • Control Systems
  • Chemical Generators
  • Production of sodium hypochlorite
  • Green Products
  • Electrochemical Generation of chlorine dioxide
  • Water Treatment System Design & Installation

Valuing a Water Treatment Business

During our confidential consultation, we will find out more about your business. What areas of Water Treatment do you focus on, and are you more of a product company or service provider? We'll want to understand your employees, customers, and suppliers.  Also, we can give you an initial ballpark estimate of a potential selling price. After reviewing your financial information in more detail, we can firm this up with a recommendation.

Confidential Business Sales

If you decide to move forward with us, we'll develop a marketing document that brings out the best in your business. It's designed to attract potential buyers but not give away the identity of your company.  We'll use this document for advertising on the internet and social media. We'll also contact potential buyers with it. We have a database of over 30,000 potential buyers. Before we provide the details, we'll make sure the buyer signs a confidentiality agreement and includes information on their qualifications.

Multiple Offers for a Water Treatment business

Normally we'll need to speak with a lot of potential buyers before we get one that is both qualified and serious about purchasing your water treatment business. The next step would be to introduce them to you and see if there is a good fit after further questions are answered. If so, then the next step would be an offer for the business. The best way to maximize the value of your business is to get multiple offers. Then we can negotiate the best price and terms for you.

Contact Us

We sell businesses in the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, the South, and selectively worldwide.  Since we don't charge a fee, we only take on assignments that we feel that we can be successful in. To contact us, please fill out our simple form, or you can email us at

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