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How To Sell a B2B Services Business

B2B Services Business Brokers

The B2B Services industry is a large and growing sector of the economy. Profitable B2B Businesses are in demand. Synergy Business Brokers has sold a number of B2B companies, including:

If you are considering selling your B2B Services business, we can help. If you don't have any family members that are the right fit to take it over, you may be wondering how to sell your B2B services company. The first step is finding a B2B Business Broker with experience selling B2B Services companies.

Synergy Business Brokers M&A has years of experience selling B2B Services businesses

We have been selling B2B Services companies for over 17 years and have over 70,000 potential buyers in a variety of subsectors in the B2B services industry.

If you own a profitable B2B services business with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million, we offer a no-cost confidential consultation.

We'll discuss the details of your business and let you know if we can meet your goals. After reviewing your financial information, we'll provide you with a market analysis and a potential selling price. You can read more about the factors that go into valuing a B2B service company.  We have a large number of potential buyers interested in purchasing privately held B2B companies. As a Business Owner, it's important to focus on running your business while we are engaged in the b2b business sales process. Our advertising program generates a lot of activity, so we'll qualify potential leads to find out who the true decision-makers are that are intent on closing the deal. We'll discuss their pain points and only give you the best prospects. We'll work during the entire sales funnel, including due diligence and negotiations. So if you have been looking to sell a b2b services business, we are your solution.

Mergers & Acquisitions in the B2B Services Industry

Because of the growth within the B2B Services Industry, many companies want to grow through acquisition. They may be interested in acquiring a B2B Services Company in their own industry or related industries. In addition, many private equity firms and wealthy individual investors are interested in purchasing B2B Services companies.

Synergy Business Brokers will provide you with access to all of these buyers. We'll qualify the buyers and require them to sign a confidentiality agreement before providing the details on your business. You will only meet with the best potential buyers. Then we'll handle the negotiation and only receive a fee if we successfully get you the price you are looking for.

Sell your B2B Services Company

Because we only receive a fee when we are successful, we are selective in taking on B2B companies that we think we can sell at a price that meets the needs of sellers and buyers. We usually need to contact hundreds of potential buyers to narrow down the search to those buyers that are likely to make the best offer for your B2B services company.

Unlike most business brokers, we don't sell retail companies. Our experience in selling B2B service businesses allows us to effectively position your company for sale to attract the right buyers. We also speak the language of b2b service industries.

Contact us to Sell a B2B Company

To get started with your confidential conversation, please email us at, call us at 888-750-5950 or fill out our contact form.  Take advantage of our experience in mergers & acquisitions for service companies.

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