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How do you Sell a Fiber Optic Company?

How do I sell my fiber optic company

The Fiber Optic Industry is a dynamic sector expected to grow at over 14%  per year. If you are considering selling a Fiber Optic Company, there are plenty of buyers. But that doesn't mean the process is necessarily easy. You need to sort through the tire kickers and perennial business shoppers to find the best buyer for your company. Fortunately, Synergy Business Brokers has experience in the industry and executes a plan to efficiently sell your fiber optics company for the price you deserve.

Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling companies in the Fiber Optic industry

If you are looking for the best fiber optic business broker, Synergy has won numerous awards and has 20 years of experience. There are many different types of companies within the Fiber Optic Industry. We have potential buyers for:

Mergers & Acquisitions within the Fiber Optic Industry

There are many opportunities for M&A within the Fiber Optic Industry. Because of the rapid growth within the sector, many companies look to grow through acquisition. They can capture more market share and round out the suite of products and services. For example, one Fiber Optic manufacturer can acquire a fiber optic distributor to open up more customers by leveraging the distributor's contacts. In addition, two fiber optic manufacturers may merge to offer each other's products to a wider customer base of the combined companies. The same is true for two fiber optic distributors that merge. We also have the opportunity for outside investors who want to enter the fiber optic market and use their skills and experience to grow a fiber optic company that they have acquired.

Process for Selling a Fiber Optic Company

It all starts with a confidential consultation where we find out about your business and let you know if we feel that we can achieve your goals. We are selective in taking on assignments where we can be successful because we are only paid when we sell your business. We spend a lot on marketing, so we want to make every assignment count. If you also decide that you would like to work with us, then we'll move forward with a confidential marketing program that will contact potential investors within the fiber optic industry and outside of it to maximize the number of qualified potential buyers. We'll only introduce the best buyers to you so that you and the buyer can answer questions and determine whether there is a potential good fit. If there is, the buyer will usually make an offer. We're normally able to get multiple offers, and we'll negotiate terms and prices on your behalf to get you the best possible fit to achieve your goals. You can read more about our 15 step sales process.

Contact us to sell your Fiber Optic Company

For information on how we can help sell your fiber optic company, please email us at or fill out our Seller contact form.   We'll contact you for a private consultation.   We have experienced M&A Brokers throughout the country and sell Fiber Optic companies in the US and worldwide.

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