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How to Sell an Expense Reduction Consulting Firm

Are you considering whether to sell your expense reduction consulting company? Or perhaps you would like to sell a rebate and refund credit business. Synergy Business Brokers has experience selling companies that specialize in providing credits, refunds, grants, and cost reduction services for their clients.

We have a 15 step process designed to sell your expense reduction business for the maximum price, efficiently and confidentially.  We have sold credit consulting companies that have clients in manufacturing, life sciences, biotechnology, retail, fortune 500 companies, and more. Most of these companies work on a contingency basis and their services are in demand.

sell my expense reduction consulting business

Sell your Cost Reduction Advisory Company

If you own a profitable refund and credit consulting company, we can locate the right buyers for you, negotiate a great price, and help you structure a transition so that the business is successful without you.

The first step is a confidential consultation. We'll find out more about your business, such as:

  • How many cost reduction analysts do you have?
  • Do you specialize in applying for grants, reducing utility bills, or overall cost-reduction solutions?
  • Are your clients in a specific industry, or are you broadly focused?
  • Do you focus on cost-containment solutions?
  • What geography do you focus on?
  • Is your cash flow increasing, stable, or decreasing?
  • Do you work on a contingency fee basis?
  • How can someone grow your expense reduction business?

Mergers & Acquisitions in the Expense Reduction Industry

There is a lot of opportunities for M&A in the rebate and expense and credit solutions business. Many companies in the business want to grow through acquisition. They can acquire a company with expertise in a different area of cost savings and grow their business by cross-selling each other's customers. For example, a company that finds overcharges in utility bills can effectively combine with another company that reduces energy usage or has expertise in tax incentives and R&D credits. Another company that specializes in cost comparisons in the deregulated electric and gas industry can merge with a company that has expertise in investment zone credits or wage and opportunity tax credits. The combined companies can provide a more complete cost-cutting solution to their clients. In addition, they will acquire valuable expense reduction analysts and cost reduction specialists that have expertise and relationships with business owners and business professionals at their client's companies.

Maximize Value when selling a cost savings consulting firm

The best way to maximize the selling price of your cost reduction or tax incentive advisory firm is to have multiple buyers competing for your firm. So whether you own a company that reduces supply chain expenses or specializes in grant applications, that's where Synergy Business Brokers comes in. We have a comprehensive marketing program that utilizes state-of-the-art Search Engine Marketing and advertising on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, BizBuySell, and more. We also have a proprietary buyer database of over 40,000. Rest assured, we won't advertise the name of your business or specific location and will require all prospective buyers to sign a confidentiality agreement before providing them with your business's identity.

We look for the right buyers who understand what it is you offer, whether that is expertise in supply chain cost reduction, product and service rebates, or specific cost reduction consultant's expertise. The buyer could be a private equity group, a private or public company, or a wealthy entrepreneur who is looking for a cost reduction management consultancy that offers a long-term profitable return on investment. What is attractive about a cost reduction strategy business is that it tends to do well in good times and bad, as businesses can always benefit from reduced costs. And many of them have recurring revenues from their contingency pricing model.

Multiple agencies have rated Synergy Business Brokers as a top business broker nationwide. We specialize in selling expense-reduction companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million. Contact us today for a confidential consultation. There is no fee until your business is sold.

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