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List of the Best Business Brokers in the United States

Best United States Business Brokers.

There are a number of lists of the best business brokers in the United States. We’ll provide information on the different lists of business brokers and some of the criteria they use to put business brokers on their list.

We’ll also discuss which business brokers’ names show up consistently on the lists of top business brokers. With hundreds of business brokers to choose from, this can help you narrow down a potential business broker to sell your business.

Of course, it’s not just about finding the best business broker; it’s about finding the right business broker for you. That can vary depending on your company’s size, industry, and location. However, the best business broker lists are a good place to start.

What Criteria are used to rank the best Business Brokers?

Since business brokers serve different industries or markets, what information is used to rank them? The top United States business brokers are determined by the following criteria:

Criteria to rank the best US Business Brokers.


You want business brokers that have experience selling your particular type of business. You also want someone that has been around a while and has built up knowledge of the industry and relationships with buyers.

Positive Reviews & Reputation

The business brokers that consistently show up on the lists of top business brokers in the US have excellent reviews on Google, LinkedIn, and other third-party rating systems.


Top Business Brokers will have contacts with financing sources and banks to allow sellers to get more money paid at the closing rather than finance the deal themselves. Experienced Business Brokers will understand what business can be financed at what price range and haver the know-how to qualify buyers.


The best business brokers will maintain a seller’s confidentiality by requiring buyers to sign confidentiality agreements and provide information on their qualifications.

Track Record of Closing Deals

Top Business Brokers will have a list of companies they have sold to demonstrate a history of success.

4 lists of top business brokers in the US?

The following are some of the most widely used lists of the Best Business Brokers in the US:

Top 7 Business Brokers in the US – ranked by Medium

Top 5 Business Brokers in the US – ranked by the Chamber of Commerce

Top 10 Best Business Brokers in the US – ranked by Blogger Local

10 Best Business Brokers in the United States – ranked by Retire@21

Top 3 Ranked Business Broker in the United States

Only Three Business Brokers made all four lists. Synergy Business Brokers is proud to be one of the three best business brokers in the United States. However, we are not for everyone. We only sell profitable companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 Million in Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing, Construction, Distribution, and Services. If you have a company that meets these criteria, we are the recommended business brokers for you.

Top 3 Business Brokers In the USA

If you have a retail business, then you may want to choose Murphy Business Brokers. They are one of the other two companies on all 4 lists of top business brokers, and they do handle retail, restaurants, etc. The third company that was on all four lists is Woodbridge International.  If your company is international, you might want to consider them, however, keep in mind that they charge an upfront fee. Synergy Business Brokers only charges a fee if we sell your business. So we are particular about only taking on assignments to sell companies that we believe will be successful. This gives you some peace of mind that we invest marketing dollars and time only when we think we can sell your business.

Selling your Business without a Business Broker

If you have a business that is too small for a business broker that you want to sell yourself, you can advertise your business for sale on,, or Most Business Brokers will advertise on these sites and more. So if your business is large enough it pays to use the services of a business broker who can leverage their list of contacts in addition to advertising on websites. And, it’s much easier to keep the sale of the business confidential when you have a third party who can screen buyers and have them sign confidentiality agreements.

If you own a business that is publicly traded or with a valuation above $100 Million, most business brokers will not be able to handle the sale of that business so you may turn to an investment bank such as Houlihan Lokey or Goldman Sachs.

Synergy Business Brokers

We hope this article on the lists of the best business brokers in the US has been helpful. To find out more about us and why we have been consistently ranked as one the best business brokers in the US, please view our 5-star reviews from Google and Linkedin and our Sold Businesses.

We have a 15 Step Sales Process that will maximize your sale price and maintain your confidentiality. The first step is contacting us for your free, confidential consultation. We’ll find out about your company and discuss whether we think we are the right business broker to sell your company.

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