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Cosmetic Surgery Practice – Sold

Price: $650,000

Annual Revenue: $820,000

Industry: Health Care

Location: Orange County, New York

This Practice has been sold, view our other healthcare businesses for sale.

A well-known and well-respected plastic surgeon with a 20-year-old practice is offering his growing business for sale. The surgeon owner was collecting over $1 million per year from his hospital surgeries alone, before stopping these cases due to a bad back. With a patient base of thousands, he still refers out about $750,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries per year. Let this Medispa feed your practice! These could be yours, as passive referral income, or as the billing operating surgeon. The surgeon owner continues to build his business with steady passive income with in-office services alone. CoolSculpting®, injectables, minor excisions, laser services, and skincare cover the office overhead and generate a nice background income. This current passive income stream is UP 25% over last year. As a satellite, this office can net you $20,000 per month, based on the past twelve months’ revenue. In addition to this passive income, there would be the profit from surgeries you would capture, generating a very generous return on your investment. The staff has been with the surgeon owner for fifteen to twenty years and are well experienced in communicating with plastic surgery patients. It’s an established office that patients know they can trust.  The office is only an hour north of Manhattan, close to the culture and excitement of the city, but in a setting that’s great for family and kids – surrounded by beautiful horse farms and nice residential communities. The area is growing, with costs lower than nearby counties. Many people in the area are either from NYC, or still do work there, and think like New Yorkers when it comes to plastic surgery. Surgeon owner has enjoyed the type of aesthetic plastic surgery practice most would think possible only in Manhattan or Miami but in a beautiful country setting. Services offered at this medical office: This is a leading CoolSculpting® practice with two new CoolAdvantage applicators and a specialized treatment room. The CoolSculpting® room doubles as a minor surgical suite for local procedures, and has a brand new chair. Nurse manager is also an OR nurse who can assist with minor procedures in the office. There are local surgical centers nearby. There is an additional treatment room with a powered chair for Botox® and Juvederm®, spider vein injections, laser treatments, and other minor procedures. The tattoo laser is a Medlite q-switched Nd yag. The hair laser is a Candela GentleLase. The ablative laser is a Continuum Biomedical Erbium Yag, with associated smoke evacuator and protective eyewear. Computer imaging is in a designated, carpeted consultation room. A dedicated aesthetician room is used for medical aesthetics treatments. There are two physician consultation rooms and lunch room, etc. Additional equipment: a new steam autoclave, shelves of surgical instruments used both for in-office procedures and larger OR cases, endoscopic browlift set, Khouri breast fat grafting cannula set, buttock fat grafting cannulas, liposuction cannulas, ultrasound liposuction machine, multiple breast augmentation gel sizers.

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