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Data-Driven Healthcare Technology Firm

Price: $8,000,000

Annual Revenue: $1,500,000

Net Cash Flow: $1,000,000

Industry: Technology

Location: NYC, New York

An exciting education and technology firm built on the science of evidence-based medicine, reaching critical mass in its adolescence stage. This well-conceived firm builds clinical decision-making SaaS tools supporting practitioners and institutions of varied levels of expertise in accessing and utilizing the latest clinical research in summary form facilitating real-time application to achieve best patient outcomes.

Well-received by medical professionals and administration, the company has enjoyed top-line revenue growth by double digits each of the past 5 years and is poised to continue its upward trajectory through the introduction of additional modules supporting other diagnoses.

Despite only offering three products currently, the business is already approaching $1m in EBITDA!

Efficient internal organization permits development, marketing, and servicing at optimal costs with little overhead. Ownership and management need only capital infusion and a dedicated sales and marketing team to achieve geometric scale in an industry with virtually no ceiling and are excited to entertain all deal structures.

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