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Fire Defense Services Company

Price: $14,000,000

Annual Revenue: $7,560,000

Net Cash Flow: $2,100,000

Industry: Distribution

Location: Middle East, U.A.E.

In the United Arab Emirates, this fire protection company was set up over 10 years ago. In keeping with the U.A.E. fire code and NFPA standard for all forms of facilities, they carry out the complete installation, service, and maintenance of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting systems. They have experienced steady growth since the start of their business, enjoying an economy that is among the most rapidly growing in the world. They are expecting Net Income of $5 Million in 2024.

This business’s extensive extinguishing range covers options of natural or chemical extinguishing chemicals, mixed gas/water, and water misting solutions. This business provides a turnkey fire safety strategy with systems that are entirely ready to work and are planned, supplied, and built. The Support technicians can take any emergency on 24-hour standby. Most of the goods have quality approvals at national and international levels, and they aim to provide the best quality products. They give solutions with gas/water blended and water mist solutions with natural or chemical agents. With a wide variety of approvals, including a CE label, this company provides a wide range of premium fire extinguishers. Fire Defense services require regular operation to work correctly and battle fire efficiently. For halon recovery and recycling, this company is an approved Halon Banking and Receiving facility.

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