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Lamp Shade Manufacturer – Sold

Annual Revenue: $856,652

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Central, New Jersey

This company has been sold, view our manufacturing businesses for sale. They are a successful family-owned company in the lampshade manufacturing Industry. They have been in business for over 70 years and are strictly a B2B sales model. Most of their clients have been with them for a long time. Products are made on-site in its factory located in Central NJ. All of their products are made to order, eliminating any unsold products in inventory. It’s extensive materials and parts inventories help streamline them to make this company an efficient manufacturing operation. It is “continuous flow” manufacturing, where larger and smaller lots flow through together.

This company boasts one of the most advanced US lamp shade manufacturer network computer systems. It has developed sophisticated software that allows them to track and record all the details of an order. Every shade lot is scanned at every step in the process, which gives them info on production time and accountability for quality control. The system maintains an accurate virtual inventory that manages the purchasing and receiving of materials and parts. The price quote system looks up the last price paid for parts and determines the labor time for each operation, for 95% of the quotes. This company is a boutique high-end quality manufacturer. Their shades dominate booths at several prestigious high-end design trade shows and in the high-end “design arena” listed in the Architectural Digest.

The value of “ Made in America” is a must for customers in this space. Imports cannot compete with the high-quality demand of high-end users of their products. In this space, there are only a few high-end manufacturers left in the USA. This company dominates this market.


Facilities: It’s 14,000 SF facility is close to all major highways and easily accessible.

Competition: There are really only a few other higher-end lampshade manufacturers left in the US. Competition from imports cannot maintain the high standards of quality. Clients specifically looking for shades “Made in the USA”.

Growth & Expansion: Better marketing and sales efforts. This Company has no marketing or advertising budget. They haven’t been able to pursue new customer acquisition strategies or reaching out to existing customers. Investing in a wireframe shop might improve lead time on the most customized shades and allow expansion of the company’s capabilities.

Support & Training: Owners are willing to stay on and assist thru a transition that works for the buyer

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