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Landscaping Franchise and Wholesale Nursery with 48 Percent Gross Margin

Price: $2,570,000

Annual Revenue: $3,350,834

Net Cash Flow: $705,294

Industry: Services

Location: Georgia

The envisioned transaction involves two complementary businesses in Georgia:

  • High-end landscaping business launched more than two decades ago that became part of a large national franchise in 2019
  • High-end specialty wholesale nursery business

The landscaping business provides full-service lawn care and landscaping, delivering industry-leading solutions to high-end residential clients. At the same time, the wholesale nursery is a premier source for unique accent plants. It houses a test garden on-site where different plants are used in the design to see how well they perform in the territory. The two businesses are complementary in part, as some clients are interested in more straightforward landscaping services, and some high-end residential clients are interested in specialty nursery items. The landscaping business is servicing two territories in Georgia with a potential client base of 800,000. 

The two companies generated approximately $3.4M in Revenue in 2022 with a cash flow margin of 21%.


In addition to the Company’s owner, other staff includes:

Landscape Business (18)

  • 1 Part-time Admin Assistant
  • 6 Full-time Maintenance and Enhancement work crew
  • 11 Part-time Seasonal work crew

Nursery (2)

  • 1 Full-time Sales Assistant on site
  • 1 Full-time Nursery crew member

The owner is willing to stay as a full-time employee in the business for 2 to 3 years. An incumbent owner would benefit from the existing client and vendor relationships fostered over 20+ years.

Services and Clients:

Main Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services:

  • Landscape and Hardscape Design and Installation
  • Lawn and Grounds Maintenance
  • Flower and Garden Bed Maintenance
  • Tree and Shrub Maintenance and Service
  • Fertilization, Weed, and Pest Service
  • Artificial Turf Installation and Service
  • Snow and Ice Service

Over 700 leads and clients in the last four years. In addition, 40-plus recurring clients for maintenance and installation in the two territories of the landscaping business. The company performs High-end Residential only for one of the territories and for the newer commercial and residential maintenance and installation work.

The retention rate of high-end residential clients is 76% for the landscaping business (revenue weighted Sep 2022 data) and 98% for the nursery business. The landscaping business averages 40 recurring clients annually, with residential maintenance work (re-occurring monthly plus seasonal work and extras) representing 49% of the total revenue. 

The average ticket sale has more than doubled for the nursery business from $568 in 2019 to $1,251 in 2022 YTD, and almost the same for the landscaping business for the sale/client numbers (from $14k in 2019 to close to $30k in 2022 YTD).

Listing Details

Reason For Sale:

The owner is ready to step down from the leadership role and form a partnership with the right buyer to take advantage of many growth opportunities in the market. He is willing to work full-time (as an employee or independent contractor) with the buyer for up to three years, help with vendor management and help the buyer learn the business and the various aspects of the franchise contracts.



 There are a few competitors, but none is considered critical to either of the two businesses. 

    • Among the competitors, Gibbs Landscaping is the only relevant competitor in the area for the landscaping business.
    • Their competitive advantages are that both territories in Georgia have free assistance in lead generation for revenue opportunities (daily) that the new competitors would not have.  
    • Besides having a monopoly for some specialty plants, the wholesale nursery also carries a few items for which the business is the sole source, and the owner receives requests from across the country.

Potential Growth:

  • The two territories in which the company operates have free assistance in lead generation for Revenue opportunities (daily) provided by the Franchisor. Monthly service maintenance opportunities are abundant in the lead phase for both commercial and residential, so there is no shortage of opportunities to bid on jobs, with up to 6 referrals daily.
  • Since the newest territory has only addressed 25% of the potential market, there is room to double or triple revenue. It will depend on many factors such as marketing efforts, sales team, and what type of work you want the buyer wants to target, whether it be a residential, commercial, combination, or variety of services a new owner may wish to introduce.

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