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Mental Health Care Company For Sale

Price: $4,000,000

Annual Revenue: $2,288,000

Net Cash Flow: $650,496

Industry: Health Care

Location: Harris County, Texas

A well-established company with multiple locations. The company provides critical mental care to outlying regions of two major metro areas. It seeks to offer customers who might not have the opportunity to receive necessary mental health care owing to a shortage of services in their area. Since its founding, the business has committed to helping families who are faced with the burden of supporting loved ones who have mental health difficulties.

The company is made up of a group of mental healthcare specialists who work to extend essential elements of the company’s program to outlying places. Teams of carefully selected specialists from the organization are eager to go to remote locations around and near the metro areas. They’re eager to do this because they are committed to bringing about meaningful social change.

The company’s services offer opportunities to advance the best possible mental health. Clients get the all-around support required to promote healthy emotional well-being thanks to a collaborative service style, highly qualified employees, and strong core principles.

In today’s society, when mental health is an issue both locally and globally, the company specializes in offering vital mental health care and aid to families in need as it can be difficult for many families to help loved ones who have mental health issues. The company’s mission is carried out with dedication and consistency, serving both children and adults by offering services that provide normalcy to the lives of the clients it serves, and by putting a special emphasis on key values such as tolerance, integrity, respect, love, and creativity. The company’s services emphasize clients’ specific strengths rather than their faults.

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