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Mental Health Facility – Sold

Price: $4,400,000

Annual Revenue: $2,329,000

Net Cash Flow: $711,000

Industry: Health Care

Location: Bergen County, New Jersey

This business has been sold. Please view our Healthcare Businesses for sale. The company facilitates a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve by providing in-community psychotherapeutic services.

Providing Intensive In-Community Counseling, Nurturing Parenting Facilitators, Behavioral Assistants, Mentoring, Biopsychosocial Assessments, Clinical Supervision, Training Workshops. They cover a wide range of therapeutic needs in the following areas, but not limited to:

Substance Abuse
Self/Other injurious Behaviors
Autism/Developmental Disabilities Spectrum
​​​We also offer Behavioral Assistant, Mentoring and Parenting Coach Services.
​Medically Fragile
Complex Family Dynamics
Attention Deficit Disorder (All Types)
Oppositional Defiant and other Disruptive Disorders
Parenting Training
Independent skills
Vocational mentoring
We also offer Behavioral Assistant, Mentoring, and Parenting Coach Services.
This company is 2 years old with an excellent referral base in place.
2021 will be 6 m in revenue based on the owner’s referral process and partnership with hospitals and community health care organizations.
Contact us to help you sell your mental healthcare business in New Jersey or anywhere else in the US.


Employees: Office Staff: 4 Clinical Supervisors: 2 Full-Time Clinicians: 27 Part-Time Clinicians: 1 Payroll is around 75-80K biweekly Independent Contractors: 37 Payment for independent contractor is hourly base and range from 30-40 Biweekly


Square Footage: 1400


Historical Summary:

Currently, due to Covid-19, they are providing therapy services using telehealth. This has allowed us to continue our upward growth path which we estimate will be at least 45% this year.


They have a supervision and control structure to provide consistent and effective follow-up to all the families assigned to them. For this reason, it shows a year-over-year growth of at least 45%.
• They consider their employees their most valuable asset and fully invest in their growth and development. They are frequently offering new training in various areas that allow them to continue expanding the agency’s professional offer.
• They offer full-time positions, benefits. Including supervision time required by licensing board.
• They have a full office staff which allows them quick response and handling of a crisis.

Potential Growth:

They currently have a presence in 6 counties in the state of New Jersey. Two quick ways to grow the business is:

-Open contracts with more counties, which translates into more presence and more referrals.

-Hiring more clinicians in the counties that they currently are. Referrals exceed their offer, in many cases they must reject referrals.

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