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SaaS on Oracle NetSuite Platform: 90% Revenue Retention

Price: $9,150,000

Annual Revenue: $2,700,000

Net Cash Flow: $2,000,000

Industry: Technology

Location: India

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With over a decade of experience, the company specializes in providing Oracle NetSuite ERP and CRM solutions in India, the UAE, and Africa.

It is expected to generate $2.7m in revenue in 2023, 81% of which is from Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Boasting a robust 74% adjusted EBITDA margin, revenue sources include SaaS ($1.3m), Oracle Licenses ($0.8m), and Professional Services ($0.5m).

Serving more than 160 global clients across diverse verticals, 40% of revenue is from Asia, 29% from the Middle East and Africa, 19% from North America, and 12% from Europe.

Team: Led by the CEO, the team includes two top-level non-owner managers and 30 employees. The company employs a full work-from-home policy and utilizes sub-contractors as business volume expands.

Services and Clients: Offering proprietary SaaS products, Oracle NetSuite licenses, and Professional Services, the company has more than 160 clients ranging from startups to midsize as well as enterprises in retail, hi-tech BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom, travel, hospitality, and media education. Clients benefit from fully customizable solutions, flexible module options, and a decade-plus NetSuite ecosystem experience.

Listing Details

Reason For Sale:

The primary owner is ready to retire.

Training & Support:

The current leadership is fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition with the right buyer. The primary owner is amenable to remaining available as an advisory/board member.



With more than ten (10) years of experience and positioned uniquely with versatile NetSuite solutions, the company’s competitive edge lies in SuiteApp, its leading SaaS product. Recognized by Oracle with multiple awards, it has executed more than 800 successful cloud implementations. Primary lead sources are digital marketing and Oracle referrals due to its extensive NetSuite expertise.

Potential Growth:

Growth opportunities lie in adapting to market changes, enhancing products and services, and innovating new SuiteApp offerings. With a track record of anticipating customer needs, the company’s decade-plus experience positions it to capitalize on the evolving demands of the ERP and CRM market.

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