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Telecom Software Solution and Consulting Firm

Price: $790,000

Annual Revenue: $1,393,000

Net Cash Flow: $253,882

Industry: Technology

Location: Pennsylvania

This company is a developer of technology that improves the quality of voice communication. Its products (“algorithms” and “soft-chip solutions”) remove echoes and background noise from phone calls and video conferences, making speech clearer. They offer a variety of tools for different situations, including standard phone calls, multi-person conferences, and internet-based calls.

The technology that the company employs is easy to integrate into existing systems and results in clear communication regardless of the user’s environment. Also highlighted are their experience in the field and long-term customer relationships, with customer geography from the US to Europe, to Asia.

This company targets businesses that develop communication software and devices, such as phone manufacturers or video conferencing service providers. Their technology helps these businesses create high-quality products.

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