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Lighting Services Company for the Hospitality Industry

Price: $1,400,000

Annual Revenue: $1,097,060

Net Cash Flow: $309,000

Industry: Services

Location: Kentucky

The company has a successful history of servicing major chains and businesses and fosters long-term client relationships. This established client base provides a steady income stream, and the company is currently the sole provider of products in a new program for a client with 1,700 locations.

Clients can leverage the company’s unique lighting PROGRAM for LED upgrades. The program eliminates common pitfalls like poor light quality and complicated rebate processes. Its expertise ensures the right LED solutions for each area, maximizing client energy savings and Return on Investment (ROI).

This unique business opportunity in the booming restaurant industry has been operational for more than 12 years and is solely owned. Its warehouse is located in Kentucky.

Having generated over $1M in revenue for 2023, and with its energy-efficient HVAC/Cooling product line opening doors to new markets beyond restaurants, the timing is ideal to leverage established client relationships, a strong sales pipeline, and a groundbreaking new product line.

Part of the company’s service offering is customized motorized pergolas, which allow its clients to control their outdoor dining areas.

The LED lighting market is primed for growth due to a surge in construction, government regulations promoting energy efficiency, escalating energy prices, and falling LED prices.  Furthermore, manufacturers add features like smart controls and daylighting, fueling consumer demand and propelling market expansion.

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