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Sell Your Highway Construction Business With Synergy


Best Business Brokers to Sell Your Profitable Highway Construction Business

Are you the proud business owner of a highway construction company and are looking for a big change? Handling a company’s day-to-day operations in the highway construction industry can be taxing, and you may be ready to move on to something more symbiotic with your lifestyle. Synergy Business Brokers can be your partner in transitioning to that next step. We are a comprehensive and confidential business brokerage that handles businesses with annual net profits between $250,000 and $20 million, so if you qualify, we would love to offer you a free valuation for your business and educate you on how the sale of a contractor service business like yours usually goes.

Synergy Business Brokers has a team of experienced brokers located worldwide who can help you sell your highway construction company. Our process starts with a quick phone call, during which we will go over the aspects of your construction company that make it unique and successful. Knowing how involved you are in the day-to-day, how experienced and reliable your employees are, how diversified your client base is, and what kind of contracts you have acquired over the years are all important to valuing your construction business. We offer our marketing with no upfront fees or retainers and only get paid once the business is sold. 

List Your Highway Construction Company with Confidentiality

Our brokers all understand that confidentially is paramount and should take center stage when marketing your highway construction company. The last thing our brokers want is for your competition or your employees to find out, so we ensure our public ad is free from any information that might reveal that it’s your business. 

With our email list of over 40,000 potential buyers, Synergy ensures that your company will reach an extensive network of qualified prospects for your highway construction business. Our marketing team also leverages search engine optimization (SEO) to cast as wide a net as possible, ensuring that your business catches the eyes of qualified buyers. 

Highway and bridge construction is expected to increase by 23% to $147.1 billion in 2024, the largest growth in any construction sector. This means that qualified private equity and construction industry buyers will be looking at established businesses in the industry like yours. Capitalize on the increased interest and list your business with Synergy today. 

Highway construction is a broad field that encompasses various specialties. Whether you are a company focused on general services or specialty contracting like asphalt paving or bridge construction, we can help find you interested parties willing to pick up where you left off. We can help you: 

  • sell your General highway contractor business 
  • sell your specialty bridge & tunnel contractor business
  • find buyers for your highway engineering and design firm
  • attract prospects for your road paving contracting company 
  • Sell your highway sign business
  • provide a valuation for your guard rail and fence business
  • Sell a lane painting contractor
  • Market your Traffic control and safety business
  • attract buyers for your highway maintenance and repair company
  • or find you a buyer for any other type of highway repair contracting business

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Selling a successful highway construction company is not an easy decision, and choosing the right broker can make all the difference. Synergy Business Brokers combines global reach, extensive buyer networks, and a commitment to confidentiality to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve a successful sale and take the next step in your business journey.

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