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Sell Your Human Resources Management Business

Sell your human resources services businessCan I Sell My HR Services Business?

Have you been looking for a way to sell your human resources solutions business but have no idea where to start? You might wonder if there is even a substantial market for your company. With Synergy Business Brokers, you can tap into many marketing resources to help you find the right buyer for your company. Having been around for two decades, Synergy has the experience to get your business sold while keeping your involvement to a minimum. We only approach you when needed.

Synergy's process starts with a phone call. We offer a free, confidential consultation to qualified interested parties who are unsure of the value of their business and need help. We only deal with companies with net incomes of $250,000 to $10 million, but if your human resources services company qualifies, feel free to call one of our brokers or fill out a seller registration today. Our evaluation is comprehensive, considering more than just the profit of your business. We take a look at the intangibles like the staff, equipment, recurring accounts, and other aspects that would be attractive to potential buyers. HR management covers multiple bases that almost every company needs. No matter your area of expertise, we can help. Synergy helps sell companies specializing in:

  • recruitment and hiring
  • talent management
  • employee benefits
  • compliance
  • workplace safety
  • HR SaaS applications
  • professional development
  • employee training
  • Staffing
  • team building exercises
  • payroll
  • HR Software
  • and any other sector of HR

Our goal is to get you as many offers as possible so you can have the upper hand when negotiating. We have a broad reach that gives us access to potential buyers of all kinds. Whether it's a wealthy individual, a private equity firm, or another business in the HR space, we'll find the right fit. Our marketing strategy is entirely confidential, and we won't share any information with buyers you don't want to know. We make all interested parties sign an NDA before giving them anything other than the broad details. In most cases, we can get you multiple offers within the first few months; we then negotiate the terms the best we can so that everyone leaves the deal happy. On average, it takes anywhere from 6-12 months to sell a business from listing to closing.

Is Now the Right Time to Sell My Human Resource Management Company?

With an average CAGR of 12.8%, the human resource management market is expected to reach $56.15 billion by 2030. This massive expected growth will catch the attention of anyone considering entering the industry and attract those who didn't even consider it. If you own a successful human resources services business, now is the time to sell, as the demand will be higher. To maximize the price, it's essential to sell a company at the height of its success. Buyers are trying to see the potential growth and an upward trajectory of success, not a sinking ship.

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No matter where you are in the United States, Synergy brokers can help sell your human resources service company. We have brokers in NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA, TX, IL, FL, NM, and VA. We sell companies anywhere in the country and currently have a database of 30,000 potential buyers which means that we can give you the best results and a smooth sales process. Our team is trained and experienced in digital marketing, social media, and search engine optimization, which will amplify your listing and give you the best results possible.

If you own a human resources company and are looking to sell your business, contact us at (888) 750-5950 or fill out the contact form, and our brokers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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