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Business Brokers For Your Professional Development Business

Helping others in their professional development is a job that takes patience and skill. Creating a thriving business takes determination and focus. Naturally, spending years doing this can wear you down and force you to consider other options, but where do you start? Synergy Business Brokers can help you get the ball rolling and give you a free, confidential consultation to see if selling your business is right for you. Our brokers can provide you with the best odds of finding a buyer while keeping you as involved in the process as you want. Minimize your headache and call one of our brokers for a consultation.

Sell Your Professional Development Company

Synergy wants to determine if your career education company is positioned for our buyer pool. Our minimum for listing a business is $250,000 in bottom-line net profit (including owner's salary and benefits). Our brokers don't get paid unless your business is sold, so we need to know if we can help you. We give free valuations to companies who qualify. These estimates are based on the last three years' tax returns and intangibles that might benefit the new owner. Attributes like multiple career coaches, varied clientele, recurring payments, and an established positive reputation are all things that buyers love to see.

After agreeing to a listing price, our brokers developed a comprehensive marketing strategy. One piece of this is an ad that keeps prospects from identifying you while piquing their interest. The other piece is a confidential information memorandum (or CIM for short) that they receive after signing an NDA and being vetted by our team. Our CIM will give the prospect an overview of the pluses your professional development company offers in an easily digestible PowerPoint structure.

No Fee Until Your Professional Development Business is Sold

Our marketing costs come out of pocket, so you don't have to worry about us wasting time or being motivated to sell your career growth company. Synergy marketing strategies include posting pay-per-click ads on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as tapping into our email list of over 40,000 prospective buyers. Leaving no stone unturned is the game's name, so we market to prospects worldwide. You must remain flexible in meetings, as these buyers can come in many shapes and sizes. We will work with private equity, wealthy individuals, and existing professional education business owners to try and find you the right fit for your business.

The demand for professional training has increased, with the number of jobs centered around digital skills and technological expertise continuously growing each year. The industry is expected to grow by 3.75 billion from 2021 to 20226. Having an existing successful professional development company will naturally attract qualified prospects looking to enter a growing industry. Take advantage of the market and list your profitable career advancement business with Synergy.

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