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Rick Shea

Rick Shea Synergy Business BrokersAssociate Broker

Phone: (917) 905-9055

Rick is a Broker Assistant to Robert Stiplosek. With a 40+ year career featuring a mix of executive management, consulting, marketing, client services, and business development roles, Rick brings a broad strategic perspective and a customer focus to his work and his business relationships. Through a career spanning a range of industries and company sizes and stages, Rick has primarily served as a strategic asset consulting to and advising clients in senior management, marketing, and business development roles. Areas of expertise include marketing, consumer promotions, direct marketing, business development, customer research, market research, strategic planning, and content development. Rick’s expertise has led to a number of speaking engagements on a range of topics, participation on industry association boards, and advisory and mentorship roles through startup incubators and universities.

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