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Education Transactions

SaaS Company in Florida that provides HR, E-Learning & Skills Development Solutions

(Skill Director) A software company that provides software and services to corporations that need to drive professional development initiatives. Reputable customer base, predictable recurring revenue stream, attractive operating margins. The owner contacted us because they were ready to retire. Approaching retirement age next year. We introduced a number of buyers, including other software companies and entrepreneurs. The best offer came from a private equity group.

Educational Training Program Company for K-12 in Florida

(PLC Associates) A company that has thousands of school districts across dozens of states in the country. The owner had built up a very successful company and wanted to see their programs go out nationwide. They sought our help to find the right buyers. We had a large number of interested buyers.  We received 2 Letters of Intent (LOIs) from strategic buyers in the industry and 3 LOIs from private equity groups, and a couple of other LOIs from wealthy individuals.  With all of this activity, the buyers increased their initial offer. The winning buyer was an educational business that is owned by a $Billion private equity firm. They were able to pay a high multiple of 7X net income based on the fact that they could leverage the programs the seller had to increase the revenue and profit at a more rapid pace than they were already on. Our bidding process was able to move the deal along quickly. The sales process took about 5 months from start to finish. And the seller was very comfortable with the buyer’s expertise. They had acquired several other educational consulting companies and were able to integrate the new companies successfully. Please contact us if you would like to sell your K-12 educational company in Florida or any other state.

Management Consulting & Coaching Company in Chicago, Illinois

(Sloan Group) This management consulting provided high-level executive coaching and professional development for successful executives. Their services included workshops, one-on-one coaching, leadership seminars, strategic planning, and more. Their clients include thousands of executives in Tech, Media, Finance, and Healthcare. The company’s headquarters are in the Chicago, Illinois area, but the owner relocated to Australia. So, we had Zoom conferences with prospective buyers and the seller. We had a number of interested buyers. However, the only full-price offer came from an individual buyer within the Chicago area who had a background in IT, Healthcare, and finance. He purchased the business with only a 10% down payment, and the balance was funded through bank financing. The deal was completed in less than 5 months from the time the buyer first inquired about the business.

Driver Education Company

(PAS Auto School) Driver Education company providing driving lessons to schools and private individuals. We executed a marketing plan that involved internet advertising, mailings, phone calls, and networking. We received multiple offers for this business opportunity. The business sold to a Private Equity Group. Contact us to sell your driving school.

Education Business

(Formula One) The sellers had a profitable business and weren’t in a hurry to sell but would sell if they got the right terms.  We received multiple bids on the company. The buyer did not need outside financing. He paid the majority of the purchase price at the closing, and the seller financed the balance over 5 years.  The seller will stay on after the sale to provide a smooth transition. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell an Education Business.

Day Care & Preschool Business & Property in Hartford County, CT

(Bright Beginnings) A business that provides daycare for children ages 6 months to 10 years old. They offer child development programs and education classes. The owner was ready to retire, and we found a buyer that would show the same care that the owner had for the business. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Daycare Business.

Educational Franchise for Kids

(FasTracKids) FasTracKids offers a variety of educational programs for kids ages 6 months to 8-year-olds to ignite children’s passion for education. They also have educational camps and other opportunities to combine Fun & Learning.  With our experience in selling educational businesses, we were able to get multiple potential buyers for this business opportunity, and as a result, was able to get the full asking price for the seller. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your test preparation business.

Performing Arts School

The owner sought our assistance after a potential sale with another buyer fell through. While the optimal buyer needed to be someone with interest in the performing arts, he or she would also need a solid business management background. Using a combination of direct marketing campaigns and Internet advertising, we found a buyer with the qualifications required to successfully manage and grow this unique enterprise, as he had extensive experience producing large-scale entertainment events, coupled with strong financial management expertise. Contact us to sell your performing arts or other entertainment business. 

Day Care & Preschool Business in New Haven County, CT

(Sunshine Preschool) A business that provides daycare and preschool education. The owner was ready to retire and owned the business and real estate. We sold the company, and the buyer will lease the property with an option to purchase it.

Construction Inspection and Testing Company

A company that does Material Testing as well as Engineering Testing. Testing capabilities include Concrete and Masonry, both field and lab, footings, fireproofing, core, curing, Steel Structural, weld testing, ultrasonic, and Soil in the field and laboratory environment. The business was being sold along with the building. The buyer needed to be a professional engineer in civil engineering. We found a buyer that was willing to make a full-price offer, and the sale was completed. The seller gave us the following review on Google: “Excellent service, professional and courteous people!”

Museum with Specialty Items in NYC

(KGB Espionage Museum) This Niche Museum opened in NYC in 2019. When Covid-19 shut down Museums for an extended time period, they turned to us to sell it. We were able to locate potential buyers quickly and closed a deal in less than 3 months. There were many potential buyers, but the best offer came from a buyer who paid a down payment at the closing and then was going to sell the artifacts at an auction. They have celebrity clients such as Elon Musk who attend their auctions and pay top dollar for the right items. Contact Synergy Business Brokers to sell your Museum. 
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