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Best Business Broker for Orange County, CA

best business broker in organe county ca to sell my company


Are you considering whether to sell your profitable Orange County business? Maybe you have owned it for a long time and are now considering whether to retire. You probably have a lot of questions, such as: How much can I get for selling my Orange County company? Who is the best business broker to sell my Orange County business? Will they keep the sale confidential, and do they also handle mergers and acquisitions?

Synergy Business Brokers M&A may be the right solution for you. If you own a profitable business in manufacturing, healthcare, technology, distribution, construction, transportation, and services with annual revenue of $700,000 to $100 Million, we offer you a free confidential consultation. We'll answer your questions, and after we review your financial information, we'll provide you with a potential selling price so that you can decide whether you are ready to sell your company.

If you move forward with us, you can be comfortable that you are working with one of the top brokers in the US. In fact, we have been ranked as the number #1 business broker in the country for selling companies in the industries that we specialize in. You can read more about our awards. We have business brokers in southern California as well as throughout the United States and internationally in Europe, Asia, and Africa. So that we can draw from buyers throughout the world. The best way to get the highest price for your company is to have multiple buyers compete for your business. We do that with a comprehensive international marketing campaign that protects the confidentiality of the sale of your business. We only provide details when a qualified buyer has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Selling your Company in Orange County, CA

Orange County is one of the largest and wealthiest counties in California. Therefore, there is a lot of demand to purchase profitable Orange County businesses. We have buyers whether your company is located in Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Fullerton, or anywhere in Orange County, CA.

We'll help you evaluate your options to find the right buyer for you. We'll get an idea from you whether you want to sell the business and retire or relocate shortly after the sale or whether you want to stay on and help the new buyer acclimate for a year or more. Some of our clients prefer to do that and have a transition into retirement, and others are ready to move on to the next chapter of their life as soon as possible. Your goals can help us determine who the best buyer would be. Of course, maximizing the price of your business is important to all of our clients, but many others also want to make sure that the buyer is someone who will take good care of their employees, customers, and suppliers.

Having an experienced counsel in Synergy Business Brokers can help you navigate your options. At the end of the day, the decision is yours, but it's a complicated process that requires someone who has been there before. Synergy Business Brokers uses a comprehensive 15-step process to maximize your selling price and find the right buyer for Orange County companies.

Contact Synergy Business Brokers today

For your free, confidential consultation, please call Tom Powell at (858) 255-4210 or fill out the online form.  Tom has a proven track record with over $1 Billion in transactions and relationships with private equity groups, institutional investors, chief investment officers, and senior executives.  Tom also utilizes the power of Synergy Business Brokers' global resources with over 35,000 potential buyers and a proven method to sell businesses quickly and efficiently.

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