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Award Winning Business Brokers for Georgia

Business Brokers to Sell Your Georgia Company

Sell Your Georgia Business

If you are thinking about selling your successful Georgia-based company, look no further; Synergy Business Brokers has you covered. We are a full-service Business Brokerage that can help you transition in the easiest way possible. Our experienced brokers have worked with clients across industries like manufacturinghealthcareservicestechnologytransportation, distribution, and construction. They can help get you to where you want to be, regardless of your situation. Our focus is on selling profitable businesses whose owners have a net income of $250,000 to $7 million. If your company fits these criteria, contact us for a free consultation.

Synergy understands that every successful company has sensitive information. That's why we handle each client with care and complete confidentiality. You want your customers, employees, and competitors to remain in the dark about what makes your company successful, and an experienced M&A advisor can help you do just that. Our vetting process for each potential buyer is thorough and ensures they are qualified for purchase. We make each of these candidates sign an NDA for added protection so that you can rest easy.

How to Prepare Your Georgia Business for Sale

You can do many things to get your business ready for purchase. One of the most important factors is timing. It is always more profitable to sell your Georgia company when the business is seeing the most success. Potential buyers located in Georgia are looking for a company with lasting power and continued success, not one that is ready for failure. Next, you should organize your financials in a presentable fashion. You want to be prepared to show your business's annual income, tax history, and various financial information. Preparing your company for future success is just as important as any of these other steps. When you leave your business, it will indeed feel your absence, but by training your employees to fill your role and building relationships with other Georgia business owners, you can lessen the impact. A suggestion that our executive brokers make is to be open to receiving payment over time instead of all at once. This will lessen the taxes and attract apprehensive sellers.

The most efficient and profitable method of selling a business is with an experienced executive business broker. When hiring a broker from Synergy, we will be able to sell it on a catered timeline that best fits your needs. Generally, we are able to sell a business in a time frame of 6-10 months but can teeter outside of those parameters from time to time. Whether your business is in Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta, Savanah, or Athens, we can find the right buyer for it.

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If you are a Georgia business owner and are looking to start your next chapter, contact one of our executive brokers to get the ball rolling. Our team is trained and experienced in digital marketing, social media, and search engine optimization, which will amplify your listing and give you the best results possible. We have a database of over 38,000 potential buyers from all across the United States and can give you a wider radius of possibilities than a local Georgia business broker could. 

If you own a successful company and are looking to sell your business, contact us at (888) 750-5950 or fill out the contact form, and our brokers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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