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Business Brokers for Dupage County, Illinois

Sell your DuPage County Business Today

Are you thinking about selling your company located in DuPage county? Synergy Business Brokers may be the right fit for you. We have been selling successful businesses, like your DuPage company, for two decades and don't charge you a penny until your business is sold. Because we are entirely commission-based, we have to be selective with the clients that we choose to represent. Synergy only lists companies with an annual net income of $250,000 to $10 Million and can show it on tax returns.

Our brokers start the process with a phone call. This initial conversation is free and completely confidential. We want to understand why you are thinking about selling and if the business is right for us. Once we get a good feel for what kind of DuPage company you are selling, we look at the last three years' tax returns to ensure that you would be a good fit for our buyer pool. Our buyers come from all shapes and sizes and are located across the world. We get wealthy individuals, private equity firms, and even existing DuPage county companies. Synergy can help sell your business no matter where in DuPage you are located. We can help:

What Is my DuPage Business Worth?

We price our listings on more than just numbers. Our brokers take a look at all of the intangibles that make your DePage company unique and attractive to buyers. These intangibles could include equipment, recurring payments, accounts receivable, and trusted employees. Make sure that your company is in a position for sale so that you can maximize its value. If you are considering selling and are on a down year, it may be best to hold off and wait until your company is growing again. Regardless of your situation, hop on a call with one of our brokers to find out if now is the time to sell.

Synergy wants to cast as wide a net as possible for your business while still maintaining the delicate balance between remaining confidential and being comprehensive. Our senior brokers deeply understand various industries, giving them the tools to walk the tightrope. We also have connections to legal and financial assistance in the event that you need help in those areas. Our goal is to give your DuPage County company the best shot at selling, and I think we can do just that with the right attitude and motivation.

Contact Us to Sell Your Business Located in DuPage County

To discuss how we can help sell your DuPage County business, please fill out the contact form on this page or call our local Senior M&A Expert, John Meyers at (847) 533-7115  for a confidential consultation. We have brokers nationwide and buyers looking to acquire businesses in Dupage County.

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