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New England Business Brokers for Maine

Merge, Buy, Or Sell A Maine Business

No matter if you need to merge your Maine business, sell a business from Maine, or are looking to buy a business in Maine, we are your premier business brokers. Learn more about our services and get the professional advice that you need.

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Sell A Business In Maine

maine business brokerHow To Sell Your Business In Maine

How do you sell your Maine business? You have put many years into growing your business and developing it through stages of growth and hardship. Now at this point, you are ready to sell your business. One of the most effective ways to sell your business is through a business broker.

If you are considering selling your Maine-based company, you may want to consider using Synergy Business Brokers.  We sell companies in technology, healthcare, services, manufacturing, construction, distribution, contractors, engineering, transportation, and Education.

If your company is in one of the industries above and has an annual net income of $250,000 to $7 Million, we offer a confidential consultation.  We'll discuss your company's details and let you know if we think we are a good fit to sell it. We don't charge a fee unless we are successful in selling your company, so we only take assignments where there is a good fit for us. To contact us, please fill out our form below.

Buyers for Companies in Maine

We have potential buyers for companies in the industries that we focus on throughout ME, including Portland, Kennebec County, Cumberland, Penobscot, and Androscoggin.  We have senior M&A Business Brokers throughout the Northeast that have relationships with buyers looking for profitable companies up and down the East Coast.  Our potential buyers include companies in our industries of focus that want to expand and wealthy entrepreneurs and private investment groups.

Experienced M&A Brokers

We've been selling companies in the Northeast since 2002 and have a database of 30,000 potential buyers that we are in constant contact with to see if there is a new opportunity that is a fit for them. A large part of our process is matching the right buyer with the right seller. In addition to our marketing database, we have an aggressive marketing campaign with internet advertising, social media, direct contact, and networking.

Top Business Broker In Maine

Synergy Business Brokers is a top business broker in New England and Maine. We have sold hundreds of businesses that have annual revenues of $700,000-$70 million. Our knowledge and experience can make sure that selling your business is profitable and beneficial to all parties involved.

Selling Your Maine Company With Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a must when selling a business. Since we work with Businesses with high revenues, we operate with confidentiality as a top priority. This can ensure you do not lose value or employees through this transaction.

We don't advertise the name of your business or provide the address until someone has signed a confidentiality agreement and provided us with their qualifications. This is important so that your employees can focus on running the business instead of worrying about a business sale process. Also, you don't want your competitors or suppliers to know about a potential sale.

Sales Process for Maine Businesses

On average, it is a 6 - 10 month process to sell your company. It can be as short as a couple of months or can take a year or more. Pricing the business correctly is essential not to leave money on the table but also not to price yourself out of the market. For more on this, you can read Business Valuation factors.

Common Questions About Selling A Business In Maine

There are a wide variety of questions we receive about selling a Maine business. If you just started considering selling your company, I'm sure you have a lot of questions. It can be stressful or nerve-racking selling the business you built. With a business broker, you can sell confidently and without a doubt. When we provide a free consultation, we help you to navigate the questions on the selling process.

Below are a few questions we hear from many business owners in Maine that are considering selling their business.

Why Should I Sell My Maine Business?

The choice to sell your Maine business is always personal. We will not try to persuade you to sell quickly or right now because the market is hot. Our goal and the driving force behind our advising is to ensure you are happy with the sale of your business and all parties involved benefit. Whether you are considering retirement, a change in life, or any other reason, you determine when you sell your Maine business.

How Much Should I Sell My Maine Business For?

Before you can list your business for sale, you need to know the value of your Maine business. At synergy business brokers, we provide Business valuations. A Maine business valuation will help determine the worth of your business and overall profitability.

When Should I Sell My Maine Business?

In business, timing can be everything. When selling a business, timing can be a large factor, but it is nothing like stock market trading. But, a perfectly timed business transaction can result in you profiting more than an ill timed sale. Selling your business correctly will result in a successful sale.

Timing the sale of your business requires an introspective look at how much longer you can own and operate your business and how soon you want to retire or leave the business. The sooner you can start your business valuation and consultation, the more effectively we can work with you to meet a business selling timeline.

Where Can I Sell My Maine Business?

When you sell your business with Synergy Business Brokers, we can market your business locally, nationally, and internationally. You can sell your business only in Maine or sell your business to a wider market. Many brokers only have a small reach of local buyers. At Synergy Business Brokers, we have a wide reach of qualified buyers for your business.

Can My Maine Business Survive Without Me?

This is probably one of the common questions we receive from business owners. It makes sense. You should be concerned about your business’s future. It is your legacy. We develop a succession plan with business owners concerned about their company succeeding after they sell it.

The contract of sale includes detailed information about the existing business owner’s involvement with the company moving forward. Hire a Maine business broker to sell your business successfully.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Maine Business

The time it takes to sell a company in Maine varies. Some businesses sell quickly when there is a large amount of interest in your industry. The process always takes a few months, but it can take more than a year, depending on the market. We have an effective marketing team to sell your Maine business.

Financial Information

We'll review your last three-year tax returns and a current year-to-date profit and loss statement as part of the confidential consultation. We'll want to identify all of your perks and benefits so that a potential buyer sees the total income that goes to the owner and not just the bottom line.

Contact Us To Sell A Company In Maine

Contact us for a valuation of your company and confidential consultation. We work to make sure your business’s sale is effective and efficient. Please fill out our online form, call us at 888-750-5950, or email One of our Senior M&A Advisors will be in touch.

Maine Mergers & Acquisitions

How To Merge And Acquire Businesses In Maine

If you are looking to merge, acquire, buy or sell a business in Maine, Synergy M&A Firm is an effective agency to ensure it happens. Our senior M&A brokers have experience with a wide variety of industries throughout many different locations.

Best M&A Firm In Maine

Mergers and acquisitions are continually happening throughout the Northeast. We have multiple business brokers in New England to sell Businesses in Maine.  Our 15 step M&A process has helped many businesses to be merged or acquired.

Is a Maine Merger and Acquisition Profitable

A Merger for a business in Maine can be very profitable. Our process is designed to make sure all parties benefit from the sale of a business. We are all about synergy. Synergy can only be achieved with correct planning and support throughout a business transaction.

Do not lose money through a business sale or purchase. Merge and acquire Maine businesses effectively with Synergy M&A.

Acquire A Company In Maine

Looking to purchase or acquire a company in Maine that can be merged with yours?  Learn about our M&A process for Maine businesses or utilize our professional M&A services to benefit your merger.

Contact Maine M&A Experts

Contact Synergy M&A for all of your merger and acquisition needs in Maine. We have been providing the best M&A services in Maine for many years and seek to benefit your business. Unlike some M&A companies in ME, we don't charge any fees until we sell your company. That way, you are confident that we are focused on getting results for you.

To get started on your free, confidential consultation, fill out our contact form online, or contact one of our Senior M&A Advisors.

Buy A Business In Maine

Maine Businesses For Sale

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