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Award Winning Business Brokers for Maryland

Buy Or Sell A Maryland Business

Are you trying to buy or sell a Maryland business?  At Synergy Business Brokers, we provide professional brokerage services to guide you through transitioning your business. We have over 15 years of experience selling businesses with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 million throughout the United States, including Maryland. See our services below and learn more about Synergy Business Brokers.

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Sell Your Maryland Business

M&A Business Brokers MarylandSynergy Business Brokers has experience selling Maryland Businesses. We have potential buyers for Maryland businesses in technology, healthcare, services, manufacturing, construction, distribution, contractors, engineering, transportation, and Education. Synergy Business Brokers provides a free consultation with no fee until your business is sold. We sell businesses with owner's net incomes of $250,000 to $7 Million.

Maryland Business Brokers

Whether you own a business in Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince George, Anne Arundel, Frederick, Gaithersburg, or the Washington DC area, we would like to talk with you and discuss your goals and see if we can help you to achieve them.  We have been selling businesses for over 15 years and have built relationships with buyers of companies in the industries that we focus on.  We have potential buyers located in Maryland, DC, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and throughout the US.   Our prospective buyers range from other companies, private equity, and wealthy entrepreneurs.

Sell Your MD Business With Confidentiality

We understand that you want to protect the privacy of the sale of your business. We won't advertise your company's name or give out the specifics until someone has signed a confidentiality agreement and provided some information on their capabilities to purchase your business.

We'll take the time to speak with potential buyers and market your business so that you can focus on running it and keeping it profitable. We'll collaborate with you during the process and only introduce the potential buyers most likely to purchase your Maryland business.

Sales Process For Your Maryland Business

So if you have been thinking of retiring and aren't sure how to get started, we can educate you in the process. We'll review your financial information and provide you with a possible selling price for your Maryland Company. We'll negotiate the offers and discuss the pluses and minuses of each. On average, it takes 6-10 months to sell a business, although we've also sold many companies in a few months if everything goes smoothly.  We have experienced M&A Brokers that will discuss your options, such as will the sale of my company be an asset sale or stock sale? We'll provide you with a potential asking price, and what types of mergers and acquisitions might be likely for my company?

  • Sell your tech business in Maryland
  • Sell a Staffing Company in MD
  • Selling Healthcare businesses in Maryland
  • M&A for Maryland Service Businesses
  • Potential Buyers for MD Construction Companies
  • Consultation for Wholesale Distribution Businesses in MD
  • Mergers & Acquisitions for MD Manufacturing Companies

Common Questions About Selling Your MD Business

Having worked with many businesses over the years, we have reviewed a wide range of questions focused on how to sell your business in Maryland. Below are a few of those general questions. When we meet and perform your business valuation, we can go into detail on the most effective way to sell your business.

Why should I sell my Maryland business?

There are a variety of reasons to sell your business. You may be getting older and ready for retirement, or maybe you are looking for a change, and there isn't a succession plan for your Maryland company. The reason for selling your Maryland company is deeply personal, and we recognize that at Synergy Business Brokers. We help you sell your business in Maryland with the utmost care and attention to detail. We know you have invested a large portion of your life in getting your MD business off the ground.

How much should I sell my Maryland business for?

Your MD business should be sold for what it is worth. What is your Maryland business worth? We can help determine that by providing a Maryland business valuation. When doing a business valuation, we consider a wide variety of factors that determine your business's worth.

When should I sell my Maryland business?

If you were thinking about retiring in the next 1 to 2 years, you should start the process of selling your Maryland company. While we have sold businesses quickly in the past, depending on the market and interested buyers, there is no set timeframe that a business sells in. We try to match your timeframe goal and process to sell your business in the most effective way possible.

Where should I sell my Maryland business?

You should sell your MD business where the buyers are. Even if your business has a brick-and-mortar location, making it available to a wide variety of buyers is the most effective way to sell your company in Maryland. If you only list your business with a local Maryland Business Broker, you may miss out on buyers in the United States and internationally. Many companies within your industry that are not located in Maryland are looking to expand their reach. By selling your business through Synergy Business Brokers, you can reach national and international markets of qualified buyers.

Contact us to sell your Maryland Business

Synergy Business Brokers is one of the top-rated Business Brokers in the US.  You can fill out our simple form online to discuss your options.

Maryland Mergers & Acquisitions

What Is A Maryland M&A Business

At a mergers and acquisitions business, we help you merge, acquire, or sell your business. This can be done in a wide variety of ways. Many times we are approached by people who own successful companies in MD and are looking to grow that business by acquiring a competitor or other complementary company. We help to select the right potential companies in a way that will lead to the business's success.

Why Should You Sell Your MD business to A Competitor?

When you sell your business to a competitor they will know the worth of what they are buying as well as how to run your business effectively. When you sell your business we can help with the transaction so that you can merge the businesses together in a way that will result in a good outcome.

How to merge a Maryland business with mine?

Merging a business located in Maryland can be a bit involved, especially if you’re located outside of the state of Maryland. There are a variety of ways to merge a business with yours. Based on the design of the business and setup, we can help you navigate the merging process.

Buy A Maryland Business

Maryland Businesses For Sale

If you are looking for a business for sale in Maryland be sure to check our businesses for sale.  We work with a wide range of industries and businesses on the east coast. While we serve businesses throughout the United States, Maryland is close to home.

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