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New England Business Brokers for New Hampshire

Sell Your New Hampshire Business

If you want to sell a business in New Hampshire, Synergy Business Brokers can provide the services you need to transition a business effectively. We offer a confidential consultation with no fee until your company is sold. Our process is focused on ensuring all parties are happy with the business transaction. Learn more about our business brokerage services and contact us for more information.

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Sell Your New Hampshire Business

Top Business Brokers NHSell a Business in NH

How should you sell your business in New Hampshire? It is an extremely important question. You’re a business owner, not a business broker. There are a few different ways to go about selling your New Hampshire Business. You can liquidate your assets and get the bare minimum from your business. You can sell your New Hampshire business yourself and maybe get more, maybe get less than if you liquidated your business’s assets. Or you could hire Synergy Business Brokers. Having your New Hampshire business sold by a professional business broker comes with many benefits and the result of your business being effectively sold.

If you have a business in New Hampshire that you are considering selling, Synergy Business Brokers sells companies throughout New England and the Northeast. We sell businesses in technology, healthcare, services, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and construction.

If you are considering a business broker for New Hampshire and your company has an owner's net income of $250,000 to $7 Million, we provide a free, confidential consultation.  There is no fee until your business is sold.  Please fill out our seller registration form.

Benefits Of Selling Your NH Business With A Business Broker

There are many benefits to hiring a business broker, and there are even more benefits when you hire us as your business broker. Below are just a few reasons you should contact us today.

  • No Fee Until Sold: Synergy Business Brokers of New Hampshire are unlike many business brokers. We do not charge a fee until your business is sold. This removes the upfront financial risk of hiring a business broker.
  • Confidential Consultation: When we work with you in selling your New Hampshire business, we keep it confidential. You don’t need your employees or investors finding out that the business is going to be sold. This would result in a lot of internal drama and issues resulting in your business having some unnecessary challenges.
  • Business Valuation: To sell your business, you need to know how much it is worth. At Synergy Business Brokers, we’ve performed many business valuations for New Hampshire businesses. We can guide you on selling your business for its full worth.
  • The Emotions Of Selling Your Business: Selling your business can be very emotional. Having a business broker that will manage the selling process can help make sure the sale of your business is not affected by emotions.
  • The Time It Takes To Sell A Business: Selling your NH business is not a fast process. It can take a lot of time. While you are running your business, you do not have the time to focus fully on selling your company effectively.
  • Marketing Your NH Business: Marketing your business is no simple task. Providing the key information while also keeping your business confidential can be difficult. Synergy Business Brokers invests in marketing your business much more than other brokers.
  • Finding Qualified Buyers: As we market your business, we find many interested buyers, but we work to find the right buyer for your business. When selling your business, you want someone qualified to buy your company.
  • Expert Business Brokerage Services: Synergy Business Brokers is an expert business broker and M&A company. When you sell your business to a business owner who wants to merge your business with theirs, we know exactly what to do and how to merge your business.

Top Business Broker In New Hampshire

Synergy Business Brokers is not only one of the top business brokers for New Hampshire, but we are one of the top business brokers in the United States.  This is based on our professional services and continued ability to sell Businesses, with our intentional work practices. These are some of the things that make us the best business brokers for your NH company.

Potential Buyers throughout New Hampshire

Many of our Potential Buyers that own companies in MA, CT, and NY want to expand their locations in New England, including New Hampshire.  They are looking for profitable businesses in the industries that we serve throughout New Hampshire, including Hillsborough, Rockingham, York, Manchester, Nashua, Concord, or Derry.  We have built relationships with potential buyers that have purchased multiple businesses from us and are always looking for more good companies to own.  It's a matter of matching up the right buyer with the right seller at terms that are good for both parties.

Our database of 25,000 potential buyers has been built up over 16 years. Our process does take some time, and typically it's 6 - 10 months to sell a business. In some cases, it happens in a couple of months, and in some cases, it takes longer to sell. One of the keys, of course, is pricing the business correctly.

We'll review your financial statements and provide you with a realistic price. If this is something you want to move forward with, then we'll create marketing documents to advertise your business confidentially without the company's name being divulged until someone signs a confidentiality agreement and provides us with their qualifications.

Synergy Business Brokers has Potential Buyers for:

  • Manufacturing Companies in NH
  • Tech Companies in New Hampshire
  • New Hampshire Construction Companies
  • Services Businesses in New Hampshire
  • Wholesale & Distribution Companies in NH
  • NH Healthcare businesses

Common Questions About Selling A Business In New Hampshire

We receive a wide variety of questions on how to sell your New Hampshire company. Below are a few of the most common questions. When we work with you and provide our confidential consultation, we can provide more insight into your specific NH business.

Why Should I Sell My New Hampshire Business?

Selling your NH business is a personal choice. Some venture capitalists will say you should sell your business because the market is extremely profitable. Others would say you should sell now because of how much the industry is changing due to Covid and digital advancements. Many of you are simply considering selling your NH business because you are ready to retire. No matter the reason or outside input, the reason you sell your NH business is personal to you and should not be made lightly.

How Much Should I Sell My New Hampshire Business For?

The price you list your business for involves a lot of factors. All of those factors go into a business valuation. As your business brokers, we will perform a business valuation to determine the worth of your business. Once we know the value of your business, we can sell it effectively.

Where Can I Sell My New Hampshire Business?

When you sell your New Hampshire business through synergy business brokers, you can sell your business in New Hampshire, the United States, and internationally. No matter the location of the buyer, we help qualified buyers for your New Hampshire business.

Can My New Hampshire Business Survive Without Me?

This is a common question we hear from business owners.  It might be difficult. Your business thrives off of your leadership. This is why many people hire us to help them solve business challenges. We work with both parties to make sure there is an effective succession plan. This way, both parties are happy with the sale of your business, and the business continues to carry on your legacy and succeed.

No Fee until your NH Business is sold

We provide an extensive marketing campaign, including social media, internet ads, email marketing, networking, and more. There is no fee until your business is sold, so before beginning the marketing campaign, we want to feel comfortable that we'll be successful.  We will let you know if it is not a business that is for us. We are selective in taking on assignments and focus on our industries of interest, where we have experience and potential buyers.

Contact us to sell your NH Business

We'll discuss your goals and unique business and give you feedback on whether we can help you reach them. Please fill out our form online to contact us or email, and one of our Senior Brokers will follow up with you.

New Hampshire Mergers & Acquisitions

If you are looking to merge, acquire, buy or sell a business in New Hampshire, Synergy Mergers And Acquisitions Firm is an effective agency to ensure it happens. Our senior M&A brokers have experience with a wide variety of industries throughout many different locations.

Mergers and acquisitions are continually happening throughout the Northeast. While we have headquarters in NY we have merged many businesses in New Hampshire. We have provided professional M&A services for NH businesses since 2002. Our 15 step M&A process has helped many businesses to be merged or acquired.

Acquire A Company In New Hampshire

If you are looking to acquire a business in New Hampshire, look no further. At Synergy Business Brokers, we help sell, merge, and acquire businesses. Go through the acquisition process with a M&A company that will make the transition effective for you and your business’s future.

Contact New Hampshire M&A Experts

Contact Synergy M&A for all of your merger and acquisitions needs in New Hampshire. We have been providing the best M&A services in NH for many years and seek to benefit your business. To get started on your free, confidential consultation, fill out our contact form online, or contact one of our Senior M&A Advisors.

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