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Best Business Brokers for Union County, NJ

Looking to Sell Your Business in Union County, NJ? 

If you've run a business in Union County, NJ, and are now ready to sell — you want help from the best Business Brokers in NJ!

Sell My Company In Union County, NJ

You've worked hard to build your business from the ground up. But now, you want to sell it and retire comfortably.

Selling a business, however, can be a significant challenge without the right help. You want to find the right buyer who will help your business to continue to thrive. You also want to make sure that the buyer makes a generous offer so that you can retire.

Whether your company is to merge with another company or be acquired by one, a broker can help you to make the most of your transaction.

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Benefits of Our Merger and Acquisitions Services

Synergy Business Brokers has top-notch brokers who have helped sell businesses in Union County, NJ. We have relationships with buyers throughout the area with companies, professionals, and investors interested in merging or acquiring companies in various industries.

We also have connections outside of the county, throughout the country, and overseas investors interested in taking advantage of this thriving region’s entrepreneurial ventures.

We will provide you with expert advice that comes from years of experience in the business.  We'll evaluate how much we can sell it for. After this, we'll confidentially reach out to our network of interested and discerning buyers to find the right buyer for your specific business. 

Why Choose Us

We have many years of experience selling businesses to interested buyers. We have one goal in mind: to help you earn the most from the sale of your business so that you can retire or move on to your next venture.

Union County is one of New Jersey's most dynamic regions. It has a rising population and one of the highest per-capita incomes in the state. It has a great history of welcoming entrepreneurs and investment. Whether it's Elizabeth, Plainfield, Linden, Rahway, Summit, or any other city or town in the region — we can find the right buyer for your business.

We have experience in working with companies and buyers throughout Union County. We understand how important your business venture is to you and your family. We also appreciate your desire to retire after years of building your empire. We are here to find the best solution for you and the buyer.

What We'll Do

Provide you with a confidential consultation designed to position your business correctly and set the right price that maximizes competition for your business and the money that you will receive at the closing. 

We'll also answer any questions you have and discuss our 15 step sales process.  This includes assessing potential buyers, connecting them to you, and negotiate terms and conditions. 

Call Us Today

If you've decided to sell your business in Union County, NJ, you want to hire the best business broker in New Jersey!

One of our top M&A Brokers is located in New Jersey to handle the sale of your Union County company. Please call Joe Coculo at (609) 672-6467 or fill out our online form to get started with a confidential conversation. 

Joseph Coculo Senior Broker


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