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Award Winning Business Brokers for North Dakota

Synergy Business Brokers is an award-winning mergers and acquisition firm focused on selling companies with yearly revenues of $700,000 to 40 million on a strictly confidential basis. We can provide you with a one-to-one consultation to recommend an asking price to maximize your final sales price.

If you are currently considering selling a business in North Dakota, get in touch with our friendly staff members to obtain a confidential and comprehensive marketing plan with no fees until your business gets sold. We will grant your business access to 25,000 potential buyers from throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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About North Dakota

North Dakota’s economy is driven by the agricultural sector, which is the largest followed by petroleum, food processing, and technology, which are also considered significant industries.

Biggest Cities by Population: Fargo, West Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismarck, and Minot

Biggest Counties by Population: Cass, Burleigh, Williams, Ward, and Grand Forks



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Selling a Business in North Dakota

We understand the tough decision that business owners would have to make at the end of the day to give up their lifelong business due to various reasons. Here at Synergy Business Brokers, we will transact every single detail in confidence, so we will help you sell your business and meet your goals.

Your business has the potential to sell to potential buyers from our comprehensive list coming from industries like distribution, construction, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, services, engineering, education, and transportation. The all-inclusive marketing program that our experienced advisors will provide you with will allow you to get the best price for your company.

Mergers and Acquisitions in North Dakota

Why is it essential to hire a mergers and acquisitions broker to help you sell your business when you can possibly go all the way on your own and save on fees? The answer is simple – Synergy BB's pool of credible buyers and experienced advisors will help you with subsequent steps after you have a professional business evaluation (or you can leave that completely to us too). We will get you that buyer and handle the negotiation process and all other compensation that you deserve after having to sell that precious lifelong empire of yours that you have painstakingly built.

Industries that Synergy Business Brokers Serves in North Dakota

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Distribution
  • Services
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Transportation

Why should You Work with Synergy Business Brokers for your Merger and Acquisition Needs?

Buying and selling a business requires more than just finding you a client. Synergy BB ensures that both parties will come to be satisfied with the final outcome that is catered to their individual best interests. Our team of experienced advisors do not only get that contract agreement signed but ensure that your legacy is continued with a great business sense for a prolonged period of time.

For the selling process, every potential buyer is carefully vetted for their financial abilities and capabilities to protect the current employees from the business in question before the buyers are presented to the sellers for consideration.

As for the buying process, our reputable advisors would also ensure any negotiation processes are dealt with professionally to achieve a win-win pricing situation for both parties.

If you have any questions about our M&A services in North Dakota, feel free to schedule a confidential appointment with us.

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